When will we get sex robots?



Isn’t the question of ‘sex robots’ rather similar to the question of ‘killer robots’, in that the answer varies between “We’ve had them for ages now, we just don’t call them that” and “Yeah, good duplication of biological systems without approaching biological levels of complexity? I’ll get back to you on that. At some point.”?


I am sorry, what am I saying that you disagree with?


What sexual stereotypes have I made?

What might have gone over like what?

Much of the progress with regards to technological innovations for sex does happen in Japan. There is some work done in the US, but it tends to be secretive because the culture is so judgemental. I’m sorry if you think it’s an unflattering stereotype that Japanese culture seems more open to the intersection of robots and sexuality than other places, but my internyet research backs it up. It’s not an observation which I pulled out of my backside.


What you put in or pull out of your backside aint none of my business :smile_cat:

I’m only commenting on the how the default view of “Japan weird sex” gets treated


Well - not all Japanese are into different, unique genres of porn.

But you can’t deny they produce and consume a lot of different genres that originated in and are often unique to Japan. And even stuff that isn’t strictly unique to them, they still have a unique twist on. (e.g. bestiality is well documented in ancient art, but the Japanese are the leaders in demonic or alien tentacle sex.) Of course much of this has migrated out of Japan and is consumed by Americans and anyone with access to that sort of stuff and there are even copy cats now.


Keep digging and soon you will find oil


I think his point is that your reflexive assumption that that’s actually representative of mainstream Japanese culture, just because a lot of people in America are obsessed with it, is a stereotype, and while, like most stereotypes, it is not without a grain of truth, its generally pretty inaccurate.

It’s kind of like how, when I lived in Japan, there were a lot of people who were basically convinced that everyone in America is some kind of Ammon-Bundy-like caricature of a heavily armed redneck. It’s not without some truth to it, but it’s really not representative of all of America at all.


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me I just said rule 34 applies and now that I am home I still don’t really want to search for mecha/porn/hentai.


I don’t think it’s main stream. Just like Family Guy porn or half of the weird porn in the US isn’t mainstream either. And certainly there are also people who emulate the anime/manga style who are not in Japan.


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I’ve had it happen especially on multiple quotes.


I was fascinated to see the bin of free manga book covers available at the used bookstore I visited in Tokyo; they perfectly fit around manga-sized books and said things like PRIDE AND PREJUDICE or HUCKLEBERRY FINN so you could pretend you were reading American classics instead of the yaoi porn I saw businessmen reading on the subway (disguised as novels of course).


Do you have pics?




I only wish.


The trouble with the exception proves the rule argument is that it is just as easily used in the way I originally objected:

  • NAMBLA as the exception which “proves” a stereotype against homosexuals
  • Magic Johnson’s claim of having slept with 1,000 women “proving” another stereotype


Case study.

When researching something about the Yamato battleship group, I got sidetracked by the Kancolle game, and found out the moe anthropomorphism phenomenon. (Kawaii girls as personified Japanese battleships! What’s there not to love?) To my delight it exists also as anime. Search youtube for “kancolle” or “Kantai Collection”, lots of short clips there.

Now things get weirder. The same phenomenon is used in the Upotte!! manga/anime, where the cute girls are personified guns. Youtube again has some material, this time whole episodes; the first one is quite full of innuendo and hints. Brief image search found scanned pages of at least one hentai version.

And that’s just what I found by accident, while researching the light cruiser Yahagi. Here goes the night.

Not exactly oil but fun as well.


I’ll just leave this here…

Intelligent machines: Call for a ban on robots designed as sex toys

She believes that they reinforce traditional stereotypes of women and the view that a relationship need be nothing more than physical.“We think that the creation of such robots will contribute to detrimental relationships between men and women, adults and children, men and men and women and women,” she said.

Which leads to the question; what constitutes a robot?

No pictures on the next one: the Hum, a vibrator with AI.

So…uh…those women out there who have trouble orgasming in intercourse and would very much like to have one…would this toy be the victim of a sex robot ban, or would “sex robot” be defined as something that’s reasonably humanoid?