Inside a sex doll factory


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The first sex robot to achieve sentience will have exactly the same expression when it realizes why it was created.


It was because I was tired of that look that I got a sex doll in the first place.


A horizontally scrolling gallery? Ugh.


I suppose they’re less challenging than a real woman, but then, so is my fist, and it’s cheaper and easier to clean. I don’t really see the appeal of these, myself.


Isn’t humanity collectively just sex robots who achieved sentience?


Human Beings: Being overly-complex exosuits for the propagation of the alien disembodied sentience inside our genetic code for roughly a million years.


One particular “nipple” is named “Texas”, it’s right by the one called “Big Mamma”, a little vomit came up on that one.


If it has any bodily control while being raped by the creators who made it of course. According to saturn’s children anyway. :worried:


Pretty similar shenanigans as in a dildo factory, I’d imagine.



Yeah, I got nuthin.

Other than a slight worry about their quality control department.


What is that big shelf of dicks for?


I don’t even want to know what is going on here.


Speak for yourself. I haven’t achieved sentience.


Why, it is a wonderful thing.


I am way behind the times and have only just started watching “Humans”.


There is probably a name for that particular paraphilia but I prefer not to look it up.


That reminds me. I should finally watch the rest of the Swedish version.


Soooo to make a sex doll looks like it requires actually a lot of skill and talent… Is this what people aspire to, or where they end up when Henson Co finds them taking liberties with a muppet?