Prophetic Blade Runner (Androids Electric etc)

So we have the “first” all robot brothel.

The company is looking to expand rapidly, so clearly has money behind it.

I think we all need to start shifting our expectations of where civilisation is going. Utopia is looking a bit grimy and mucky and 1%ish.

Maybe that’s just me. Maybe this is a great way to reduce population growth.


Something Something Porn Industry leading user of new technologies something something VHS killing Betamax.

I mean OK? I


Not really, although I get the citation of the parallel.

It’s been obvious that it would happen, but only obvious now that it will happen soon.

For the first time one of the key drivers of human behaviour - quite possibly the most deep-seated, hard-wired, inarguable motivations and influences - can be satisfied without human interaction. Maybe not quite yet, but looking at the blurb, some of these mannequins heat up to body temp.

Maybe overall there’ll be more sex, and more people walking around smiling.

I just think we’re about to learn something about ourselves we may not have expected to ever need to learn.

I wonder how many of us would refuse a ‘perfect companion’ - totally intelligent and functional - way beyond these ‘dolls’.

Basically Chobbits’s entire premise I Suppose.

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Time to re-watch Soylent Green, you mean?

The tragedy/farce quote would be handy to be (ab)used here, but then, the categories of theater don’t really apply to this existence, as far as I am concerned.

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