Watch: A stupid robot contest featuring the world's dumbest robots being dumb



The dildo/tissue box robot already got a deal for a 23 episode anime series


My money’s on the robot with the vibrating dildos. I don’t care what the competition is. I think a good general life rule is, always bet on the vibrating dildos.


This is the most delightfully absurd tournament i’ve ever seen and i wish i lived in Japan so i could compete.


I love everything about this. The robot name and descriptions are perfect.


pitch warning

which is why I don’t usually watch video… nobody provides sensory warnings.

Warning. Video may contain wheat allergens and Red Dye 40.


This is the only competition in the world worth entering.

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I think they should give trophies to particularly crummy robots, and the winner should face a punishment of sorts for having the gall of having the uncrappiest robot of them all. Like getting dunked in mud or something amusing for everyone involved.


Do you think it would lose something if you organized a competition where you live?

To clarify I’m not being sarcastic. I really can think of a couple of reasons why this competition might lose some charm in other countries. For instance in Japan certain wind-up toys (which is what some of the robots seem to be made of) might be commonly available. Sure, we could purchase 'em via the internet, but the familiarity adds to the humor.

Also from what I know of Japanese culture they’d be more likely to be amused than freaked out by a shoebox with dildo legs than people in many western countries.

I would be all for an Austin initiative in the crappy robot fighting, the town is already known for being tech centric (and eccentric). However I’m fairly new to the area so don’t know people here still. But I’d love to help organize or participate if someone wanted to take the lead.


That, uh, wasn’t a shoebox. It was a tissue box. Y’know, for added hilarity.


I’ve only watched the first two videos, but this is definitely one of my favourite playlists of all time.


I wonder why these sorts of tournaments aren’t televised live? The same with the RoboCup.

Count me in. Even knowing I’m from Spain, but, hey, maybe I can arrange one of my travels to fit it.

I’d love to join the japanese one, but I would need a translator. Maybe I can trick one of my japanese friends into it.


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This is fantastic and actually really inspiring.
It should be added to every Maker Faire.
Just the idea that you need to build a ‘stupid crappy’ robot opens it up to everyone to just be silly. You can’t really fail if the point is to be crappy and that can remove a stumbling block for anyone averse to technology. It’s the crazy and stupid ideas that lead to real innovation. I am so doing this with my kids this weekend.

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Just dumb|smart -enough to work.

This reminded me of NaNoGenMo [NB: I am a proud participant] where coders try to get a 50,000-word novel generated in a month. Some of the attempts are “dumb” – but they’re often also the most interesting and fun. The ones with the highest-amount of code tend to produce the least-interesting output [NB: I am semi-proud owner of one of the latter].

I’m also reminded of the instruments of (fluxus) artist Joe Jones, where wires on motors, and no other controls, would whack the intruments that were coupled-to. There’s not a lot of mechanism there, but the output is not bad:


Never seen that before. I had a good laugh, thank you.

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