Oklahoma lawmakers want men to approve all abortions


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Well Justin Humphrey asshole. I approve of all abortions or whatever women want to do because it is their body.


Why stop there? Everyone knows women are bad drivers, so they should need permission from their husbands to drive as well.



Ah, the miracle of life.


I was wondering when BB would get around to posting about this particular asshole.

“Women are merely hosts”, ie, “walking wombs” for the seed of men; duly fucking noted.


I’ll just leave this here…


The Taliban approve of this Humphrey message.


I also enjoy the implicit idea that men can’t be irresponsible when it comes to contraceptive choices.

This guy is a recent electee, so anyone have any guesses on where this guy is going to end up standing on the legality of birth control, and contraceptive based sex-ed? If he’s voiced them before, I can’t find them. I suspect we know how this shakes out, though.


At some point women need to realize that much of the Republican party really does see them as a weak, secondary species to be kept as pets or servants. Not all of them, but many.

And that many has a huge influence on policy in the United States.


Honestly, given how much bullshit Y’all Qaeda have been spouting recently, I’m pretty sure there are a few Taliban leaders who have started to think “wow, is this what we sound like? Maybe we should dial it back a little. I mean, this is just embarrassing. What if people thought we were that fucking ignorant?”


That’s why we are such close allies with Saudi Arabia – many of our leaders are jealous.


I remember early last year when I started hearing idiots proclaiming that there are cities in America that were passing sharia law. Of course when pressed, they couldn’t actually come up with any solid evidence of such things. The twist, apparently, is that the sharia in question isn’t Islam based, but rather Christian. (Is there a specific word for that?)


He knows just enough to be ignorant.


Does this mean that people will need to pump Humphrey full of semen, so that he finally gets to exercise his hard-fought right to approve/deny pregnancy? Surely he won’t complain, if his body has ways of shutting that whole thing down.


a host…yes…to a parasite that feeds off of your bodily essence until it can self sustain and go out into the world and reproduce…seems like something big pharma could help with…oh wait, that’s not covered, nevermind.


Oh c’mon. Be fair - I’ve no doubt he will be fully in favour of funding for viagra. Which balances it all out, right?


So, in my years on earth I’ve been involved in various sides of this debate (in 3D meatspace, not just in the abstract), and usually I’ve had little or no say in the matter. Nature made the decision in one, heedless of anyone’s wishes. In another I only found out several months later. In yet others I ended up with a couple of pretty neat daughters. I have opinions, and feelings, about each of those, but I never really felt I had a choice, and especially not that I should have had any kind of veto. I find that such a weird worldview.


Give this guy a lifetime honorary membership in Kakuhido…


Has anyone ever said that? About themselves, that is, not about others.


I understand that they feel like that is their body

Women don’t feel like it’s their body. It is their body.

Make America great again! Like it was in the 1700’s.

I am honestly surprised that his bill makes an exception for rape or incest. (That’s such a sad statement.)


What is Scott Lively up to these days?