Josh Duggar poses with his important pals


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Because these candidates were aware he’d done this? It’s awful and inexcusable what this guy did, but I don’t see why Scott Walker mugging for the camera has much to do with it.


And yet… in every damn picture, Josh is the less creepy of the two.


Odd to see him with Jeb…as he usually likes younger Bush.


This is a good point… plus, there are plenty of other despicable things these guys have done to criticize them for…


Man, looks like he’s trying to cop a feel with Ms. Palin - the elder.
This guy’s parents are really bad people. They are scumbags of the highest order - they are no different than publicity whores like the Kardashians. In fact, they are probably worse for the earth given the clowncar-like vagina of their matriarch.


The interesting thing to me is not that these buffoons posed with Duggar. It’s that Duggar sought them all out to pose with them for a photo. It’s also interesting to see that not many of them are showing much sympathy for Duggar’s victims.


Eww, he’s got santorum on his arm.


Jeb actually is W’s younger brother.


I see what you did there.


Well, there you go!


Clever pun, but your punchline is the many victims of his molestation.


In fairness, it could have leaked out of one of the other assholes he posed with.


How are a group of reality television stars morally equivalent to a family who work to cover up a rapist’s crimes on their own family and others?

Your comparison is horrible.


Sadly the nature of some of Duggar’s actions means that some of these politicians can offer sympathy to “the family” and feel that’s enough.


Prior to these new revelations, people acted like what they were doing in their private lives and what was shown on TV was fucking normal. That was my point.




Did his family work to cover this up? I thought they went to the authorities and the parents of the victims outside of the family (not necessarily in that order, and not necessarily willingly). That Duggar wasn’t charged is not surprising given he was 15 at the time of the offences, i.e., himself a minor.


Even in that context, reality television is a mostly scripted freakshow for persons to gawk at. Nobody watched a quiverfull family because they thought they were “normal”.


How do you define “not necessarily willingly”?