Duggars hired Mike Huckabee’s political guru to manage crisis PR for Josh Duggar's sexual molestation scandal


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politics is divorced from actual reality. that may tell you how real the duggars are.


Classical crisis-PR.

Dull the edge of the most critical now-now situation, and then wait out the rest. Give it a few years and it will fizzle out. Like everything.


Apparently all white GOP~TE@B@GGER Christians are issued a Get Out of Jail Free card at birth for being rapist & pedophile!


“GOP~TE@B@GGER Christians are issued a Get Out of Jail Free card at birth for being rapist & pedophile!”

they get “forgiven” by their peers; you go to jail.



Tangential: Is it me, or is that glamour shot of Chad Gallagher airbrushed WAAAY into the uncanny valley?


I. Have. NOPORES! Bleep Boop.


.@GovMikeHuckabee on #Duggars: “If a liberal has anything like this kind of situation, it’s no big deal.” #KellyFile
9:43 PM - 8 Jun 2015


No way in hell would any Democrat – let alone any Democrat running for President – get on national TV and try to downplay sexual abuse and the fact that the family of the abuser (and of some of the victims) clearly thought keeping it quiet was more important than dealing with it.

Only Republicans can pull that shit and still be taken seriously by their party.


HUCKPAC! Cool name.


Don’t they have to pull that shit to be taken seriously by their party? >.<


I have to wonder what it’s like inside the head of someone who does PR massaging for assorted terrible people.

Do they do it cynically, “Hahaha, I don’t care what the guy did, just watch me play these rubes like a cheap piano!”; do they do it like a variant on being a defense attorney “Nobody deserves that sort of PR, no matter what they are accused of.”; do they take clients who they personally sympathize with(either believing them innocent of charges, or charges to be not such a big deal as the whiners make them out to be)?

It’s clearly a fact that you can get a PR flack to whitewash pretty much anything, celebrity, politician, murderous regime; but what makes those flacks tick? Some of them must have been human at one point, after all…


Can they expect to recover from this? Or to put it differently, what is there to manage? I would have thought that their brand imploded. If they can’t keep up the appearance of a presentable family, what do they have left? They won’t starve anytime soon and should be able to do their thing without cameras from now on.


This is from Huckabee’s Facebook page on May 22, 2015. I haven’t checked, but I’d be surprised if it’s still there. Maybe it is, since it sounds like it might have been written by the PR guy the Duggars have hired.


It is nice to see a candidate advocating a more conciliatory and rehabilitation-centric approach to the juvenile criminal justice system. I wonder if that applies to all underage criminals or if there will be some sort of distinction between the right and the wrong kind.


Can never quite get humans right…


It’s like we share the same mind! I was going to respond to that screen grab by asking if this means 15-year-old black kids get to be tried in juvenile court now instead of getting locked up with career criminals.


I met one once. Guy terrified me - he was so coldly calculating to be a cliche of a sociopath. Unsurprisingly, he was terribly sexist. I also think he tried to drug me.


Totally unrelated, but it reminds me of my favorite cartoon from MAD Magazine. A cop has a black kid by the arm and is saying, “A night in the slammer will teach you a lesson.” And the kid replies, “Sure, if I want to learn to be a hooker or a junkie.”


Seems to me that he’s not that bright, then.
I mean, wouldn’t you have these two idiots keep their fucking mouths shut?? Even going on Fox for some lovin’ isn’t helping them in any way, it would seem.
They didn’t have a TV show because they were intelligent, they had one because they breed like wild rabbits.