Tea party exemplar Josh Duggar is being sued for roughing up a woman


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Duggar is a pedophile and serial degenerate, this is absolutely zero surprise to me.


Reminds me of a very similar scene from American Psycho.


Jesus Christ

has clearly not helped him at all.


HA HA HA! Post of the day!


“TLC announced that the Duggar family is returning to the network with at least two specials, the first of which will air by the end of the year.”

    Haven’t we suffered enough!


Because paying strippers to have sex with you is expensive.


Is this really happening or is TLC cooperating with the government in some kind of sting?

“Yeah, sure, this is part of the new show. Definitely try to pick that kid up, just like you normally would.”


The thing is, this kind of stuff doesn’t turn the Christian Conservatives against him at all.

Witness the amount of time Ben Carson spends on his “I was a bad hoodlum who stabbed people” story, even if (especially if) it’s not true. While normal people (and even abnormal people like Trump) turn around and say “wait, why are you’re telling us this if you want to be president?” to the evangelicals it’s part of the constant theme that people are naturally evil, and that turning to Jesus for repentance is the only way to be good. Under this thinking, the bad actions aren’t a problem, and, indeed, they’re simply confirmation that everyone is, indeed, evil. The bigger your switch-around story is, the better you are.

Not only are people supposed to be naturally evil, but they’re supposed to be evil in stereotypical ways, and for men that means being sex-addicts. Witness Josh Duggar’s sisters, whom he molested, saying afterwards that it was just “a boy being a boy.” Also apparently, in their family it was normal for the women to notice if there was a sexy woman in the street and to tell the males to avert their eyes — lest their lust get the better of them, because that’s what all men are like.

So in the evangelical world, Josh Duggar molesting his sisters is just a typical boy succumbing to natural desires, which have to be tamed by repenting to Jesus, and Josh beating up a prostitute now is looked on as no worse than an alcoholic falling off the wagon — something to be disappointed about, but not angry about because you’re sure he’s repenting even now.


Although this does not in any way absolve Duggar of culpability for his crime I cannot help but wonder why she chose to meet him a second time.


You know the old saying: “Rape me once, shame on you. Rape me twice… fuck it. This isn’t about my judgement, it’s about your abusive ass belonging in jail.”


You are spot on with your analysis.

In that world all you have to do is say a magical prayer and you are absolved of all accountability. To them repenting is praying for forgiveness to the imaginary sky god, not asking forgiveness against the human person you actually transgressed against or making things right with them.

In their eyes the “real monsters” are the people who don’t believe in the exact same sub-variant of religion that they do no matter how good of people they might be.

People who are abusive have honed the skills of manipulation and false remorse. They more often then not target the same person multiple times. Sad.


And also honed the skill of identifying targets who their manipulation will work on. There are people in the world who are very vulnerable, probably better to sympathize (as you are) than the say, “What doofuses.”


“And what are you going to call your next special?”

“…The Aristocrats!”


she doesn’t look like his type really, an adult woman.


Credit where credit is due: This time Duggar was trying to make out with someone in his own age group.


Strange. He didn’t mention ‘rough sex’ and ‘abusing strippers’ in his interests on his Ashley Madison profile. Guess he’s also a liar by omission.


One of the specials will feature Honey Boo Boo slapping him stupid.


yes but generally sex workers don’t give credit, whether it’s due or not.


I’m confused by the present-tense “is idolized” in the post’s opening sentence. Surely it’s “was idolized”, no?