Mormon official silences 12-year-old girl in church after she says she's gay


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Bravo. Only 12! And already totally awesome.

Fundies can’t keep trying to shove this identity genie back into the bottle. Being “out” is out! And it’s not about to go back any time soon.


Made me choke up a little, I feel for that kid.


My parents’ church in Chicago would welcome you with open arms.

I myself am not religious, but on a related note, I’ve figured out over the years that family is not always the people you grew up with.


not a surprise. The Mormons can be just as closed minded as Southern Baptists at times.

Ex-Mormon so I know.


When I was 12 I thought babies came out of belly buttons and I was in love with, and was going to marry, Optimus Prime.


I hear he’s still available.


When I was twelve I was actively distracted by girls (and my female teacher!) in class but didn’t really know why or what people did about all that stuff yet.

If I had been actively distracted by boys or my male teacher, I may not have known the specifics of sex, but I wouldn’t have any question what my orientation was at that point.


Hard to pin the date when sexuality manifested itself, but i remember being quite interested in the photos of Bo Derek in ten and definitely thought that Ursa of Superman 2 was HOT. So I guess around 13. Not before 12, because I’m pretty sure that I didn’t start getting sexually motivated erections before we moved into the new house.


That house, tho.


Eh. Apparently he’s a total dick now though. Bitter from being single all these years maybe?


12 seems perfectly reasonable, about 10 is when I was certainly aware of my interests. I would sneak away from bed to watch horrible cheesy soft-core on Showtime, and my friends and I starting talking about romantic interests.


Good for her. That had to be scary. Hopefully she can escape that toxic church. (I’m not saying that all Mormon churches are toxic, but that particular one certainly is)


My trans* foster child was mistreated in exactly this way by a Mormon foster family before coming to my home. They were forced to wear a dress, attend “girls” groups, and lie about their orientation in the church. They were taken out of the state to attend a camp where Mormons tried to change their orientation. (Conversion therapy is illegal in this state but not in neighboring Idaho.) A relatively well adjusted, resilient child was turned into a traumatized, maladapted suicidal and self harming one.

I have spent the last 9 months helping a child process the trauma these people put them through, when they were expected (and supposedly trained) to respond appropriately and help kids in their care. Reports to the authorities fall on deaf ears. There are other LGBT kids in their home now being subjected to the same treatment.

I’ve had other cases like this but this particular family makes me furious. It’s the organized and planned nature of the treatment that makes it so painful. This happens every day and is putting kids at serious risk.

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“… nevertheless, she persisted.”


You’re doing good work. If a kid i knew was going through this sort of abuse (or any kind) i would be so incensed. I can’t believe what people subject kids to in order to change them to conform or what have you.


Wow, that congregation sure did stand up for their community member, eh? All the requests to “please let her finish”. Heartwarming.

I hope she finds a better community.


What I noticed was how nobody else seemed to notice. Nobody perked up when she said it or repeated it. Especially the guy directly in front of the camera, he was so tuned out, at one point he lay his head down on the pew in front of him. I wonder how many other people in the church DGAF that she said she was gay?


Either they DGAF, they already knew, or they were only there because they thought they had to be so they were tuning everything out.


Well what did you expect from the Mormon Church?