Mormon's Secret: temple garments for gentiles

Plus, it is kind of obvious both were created to enrich their founders at the expense of their flocks.

Oh, for sure, but it seems bigger than that now. I don’t really put Scientology in with Mormonism - the Mormons are getting to be a bigger religion while Scientology still seems more in the “cult” category size-wise.

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There, that’s better.

This is about as mature and constructive as that kid on Reddit who “stole” a communion wafer from a Catholic mass a couple years ago and dissected it looking for Jesus’ blood. Or that crazy preacher in Florida that keeps burning Qur’ans.

There are plenty of legitimate issues to criticize organized religions about in specific or in general, but this sort of thing is the basest, most juvenile form of critique.


That sounds like all religions to me.


Shame it’s only the underwear… my husband used to wear white slacks and the only place he could find them reasonably priced was Mormon clothing suppliers. Would have been nice to be able to get some without the money going to the church.

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“You gotta lot of growing up to do, buddy. Suck my balls.”

Tolerance. That’s what I believe in. If someone wants to wear a tallit or white cotton knee pants under their clothes, that’s up to them. And while it might be easy or even amusing to mock, I don’t think it’s the right thing to do.

What I am not tolerant of, however, is other people’s intolerance, bigotry, or sexism. If we’re going to criticize Mormons (or Jews, Christians or Muslims for that matter) for anything, we should get them on the stuff that really matters. It’s not what they’re wearing, it’s what they’re thinking that deserves ridicule.


Actually, as someone who wears boxer briefs, those do look comfy. I think the women’s style is nice too.

What is with the embroidery by the nipples though?

And while I am sure many atheists see Judaism and Christianity as just as absurd as Mormonism, at least the former two are at least intertwined with history and real things. Mormonism is so clearly something one guy just “made up” that it is hard to believe so many people can think otherwise. I also find it interesting that nearly as soon as it began, there was a schism.

“We just found the one true faith, finally!”

“No, wait, they just think they found the one true faith. But actually we found that it is basically the same thing with the exception of these differences.”


The nipple embroidery is a square and compass, borrowed from freemasonry. There’s also one on the right knee.


I guess I’m the only one thinking this has at least something to do with the comfort of the underwear. At first I considered the shoulders to be really wrong, until I realized that for an undershirt it’s better if the shoulder seam isn’t in the same place as it would be on a shirt. And boy-oh-boy does that look like very comfortable cotton.

Watching the video isn’t going to happen right now, so could someone explain to me why the nipples are marked like that? If the stitching goes through the cloth, it would make for a minor irritant over time. And what if your nipples don’t match the shirt’s markings? (Which seems to be the case even for the model.)


Embroidery-nipple alignment is not, fortunately for the wearer, religiously significant.

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Dang, who knew that the Mormons were having such an impact on the xenophobic and ethnocentric strains in America. Here’s a couple of suggestions, for those of you who consider this outlandish:

(1) Consider ordering and wearing the “short tallit,” worn by many Orthodox Jews, and resembling closely the upper half of the Mormon underwear. Or

(2) Just get a regular tallit. Great for an overgarment on these chill winter days.

Why satirize the ritual dress of the new Jews when the old Jews are stil around?!

(3) Assessorize your short tallit and regular tallit with a hand crafted Singh Kirpan.

Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas you insular American Protestants.

explain how Mormons are the “new jews”, exactly?

Well, that is what they think they are, Drew. Their theology says that their spiritual ancestors were Hebrews from before the destruction of the Second Temple. You are a Gentile in their vocabulary, and I, strangely enough, am a Jewish Gentile.

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oh yeah, this is linked to the white hebrew Native Americans they claim lived on this continent, right?

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Also the navel.



Sorry, I hit the wrong ‘reply’ button up there. That wasn’t meant to address your post.

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I’m all for selling the garments in such a way that none of the money goes to the church and anyone can buy them for any purpose they wish. But there’s no need to be rude and mean about it in the way you market them. You can make the product available without being disrespectful to anyone. Whether you agree with them or not, even if they’re silly, lots of religious folks take their practices and beliefs very seriously. And making fun of the garments isn’t even criticism of the religion’s actual practices that affect members and people outside of their group. This isn’t discussing how a sect treats women or minorities or influences government. This is being disrespectful about something that doesn’t have anything to do with the politics or societal impact. It’s about something personal to the follower who wears them.

I’m definitely not on board with Mormonism and am non-religious myself, but I believe that good people are kind and want to increase the peace and love in the world and being disrespectful about other folks deeply held religious beliefs and practices that have nothing to do with you does nothing to increase that more loving and happy and harmonious humanity.


The problem is, if you’re not at least a little pissed off at Mormons, this isn’t really terribly funny. I’ve only ever known a few and they were fairly nice people, so I guess I don’t really get the joke.