Kickstarting Atheist Baby Shoes




I fail to see why a parent who wants to make this assertion can’t just take a marker to their kid’s shoes themselves.

Then again, I fail to see why an atheist needs to actively make the assertion this way. Strikes me as an unnecessary fight to pick. Especially since the kid is eventually going to have to make their own decision, and since kids have all sorts of incorrect and partially-correct beliefs.

I believe in laughing Buddha
'Cause there is nobody cuter
Comes in plastic, wood, or pewter
And he’s good enough for me!

-- That (Real) Old Time Religion, verse 297 variant 2

I think they already make onesies for this sort of thing. Baby shoes make no sense when they can’t walk yet. And when they can walk, who wants them walking all over their parents?

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Putting these shoes on a kid is not picking a fight. Criticizing some one for doing so with their own child would be.


I’m sorry but I cannot support this. I cannot bare the responsibility, even for a good cause, of bringing yet more bad typography into the world. No.


(Typo: I think you meant “bear”)

This is just as obnoxious as a pair of booties saying “Jesus loves me!” would be, or any other similar slogan for any remotely similar cause.

A child is not a billboard. I don’t care what agenda you personally choose to foster, dragging an innocent into an affair they neither understand nor care about purely to act as a prop for your politics is manipulative, egotistical, and disgusting.


The only reason anyone is religious is because a) they were brainwashed into it at a very early age, and b) they’re too stupid, as a person, to understand that.

It’s about time, really. Considering how dangerous and useless religion is (it’s a tool for other people to manipulte you, nothing more), we need a movement to teach children to know better at an early age.


I guess if you’re going to proclaim atheism, the bottom of the shoe is the place to do it. It’s not like saying it on your chest next to your heart, nor on a hood/hat close to your brain. It reminds me of those sweatpants with words across the ass. I could never quite comprehend the value of that.

By the time the kid is old enough to read what’s on those shoes they won’t fit anymore anyway. This isn’t about educating children, it’s about the parents broadcasting their own beliefs to anyone who encounters their child. (And yes, theists of all stripes do this too.)


They can’t read either. But that’s no excuse for not being prepared to debate theology.

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Broad sweeping generalization without any evidence to back it up, plus an insult.

Here’s a corrected version: some people are indoctrinated into religions and don’t have the courage to examine their beliefs to decide whether they want to keep or reject them.


You’re like a walking, talking fedora. Enjoy Reddit and /b.


There’s plenty of bad style choices to be made out there (see: Etsy), I just don’t understand why this one needs a kickstarter. What does 7,000 pounds in seed money achieve?


Wait, isn’t that implying Mummy and Daddy is god? That seems a little ego-stroking and not very atheist. If it was atheist, it would read ‘no comment’.


Those shoes clearly have soles.


My daughter used to wear one of these:

For what it’s worth, it was true at the time, though she seems to prefer Taylor Swift these days.

My parenting failure is Keatonesque.


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LOL. AND, I won’t get naked!