Children of Abraham: tell us what you believe atheists believe


Continuing the derailment from:

Tell us, all knowing deists, what do atheists believe?

[Sorely tempted to tag this topic ‘games’]


I think you mean theists?


No, Dio.



Nope. Specifically interested in what those who profess to believe in a deity believe atheists believe. The deity will most likely turn out to be the Abrahamic “God.”


Oooh, I love that person over in that thread… If I didn’t know better, I would assume that it was me playing xtian troll.


How do we know it’s not you with a sockpuppet x-tian troll account? :slight_smile:



(Slacktivist readers will know who I mean.)


But Deism is a very specific idea. It’s not general and certainly wouldn’t cover most religious people.


So the part that got my goat is the assertion that there is rigid hierarchy and mysticism among aetheists and agnostics. And it isn’t that it would be a bad thing, or wrong, it just isn’t true.

To borrrow a few religious terms, at best Carl Sagan, Dawkins, de Grasse Tyson are perhaps… Deacons? Semi self organizing cheerleaders of, “if there isn’t evidence, then lets find some!” Mentality.

The only ‘holy land’ of aetheists I can think of are the grand canyon, those ancient French cave paintings, Europa, the cliffs of dover, the fossils in Mongolia(?), the… Vatican >:)


That babby is delicious?
I am pretty sure that this “ancient recipe” discussion is all code for babby recipies:

Without the ten commandments there is no way for y’all to be moral.


BTW, and I know all sorts of edge cases exist, but I personally think the Catholic church is pretty bitchin’. A 1600 year old dogmatic organization which… Acknowledges its shortcomings and changes for the better… And with a scale of something like a billion people?


Would you prefer I change it to Godbotherers?


It would be more accurate.


Anyone else have an opinion on the title? I’d like to get more than one perspective/suggestion before lighting the flame that will bring hordes of moths.


I agree with @ActionAbe that Deist has a specific definition and thus is not the right term to use.

I don’t have a strong opinion about what term to use instead: theist, godbotherer, Abrahamic follower, etc.


Ah, how about “Children of Abraham”?


That could work.


But I don’t have any kids… :stuck_out_tongue:


It is done.