Billboard companies reject atheist group's ad mocking Noah's Ark theme park as 'Genocide And Incest' center


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The stupid thing about this billboard is that the message seems to be “you shouldn’t believe the story of Genesis because it has genocide and incest.”

Of all the arguments against a literal interpretation of Genesis this is probably the worst one, because human history is FILLED with stories of genocide and incest.

(And also as previously mentioned the “2000 years of myths” line just proves the people who paid for the billboard aren’t familiar with the source material.)


Dog bless their pointed heads!


god isnt real whatever but id still hella rather go see this big dumb wooden animal boat than frolf with a bunch of smug dawkinsite capital-A types


They’re playing to the audience. You have limited space on the billboard, and you want to get something out there.


They’re not playing to the audience - they’re playing to themselves. They call themselves the “Freethinkers” for Dan Brown’s sweet, sake.


Freethinkers is a general label a lot of groups have. Ones that don’t want to be exclusively about atheism. It’s not a bragging thing. It’s an inclusivity and general accuracy thing, because a lot of freethinker groups like to involve liberal religious organizations.

And when I say playing to an audience it’s because “Biblical and religious epistemology is bullshit and you should spend some time studying philosophy and theory of knowledge and come up with conclusions after reviewing the facts instead of the other way around” doesn’t read well going 60mph.


Also, so what if it’s a little bit of a pat on the back.

I grew up in a fundamentalist household. My thinking was literally enslaved because I was taught my whole life that if I thought the wrong things I would be


Maybe it’s okay to be a little proud that I managed to escape that fucking abusive ideology.

You know how I said I was taught that my whole life? Yeah, from since I was born until I was a late teenager and finally figured out that religion is just a way to enslave people’s minds, I sincerely believed that big text. I was taught it as if it were true. It took a lot of pain and work to get out of it.


It wouldn’t take any more space to write “Celebrating 5,000 Years of Myths” than it does to write “Celebrating 2,000 Years of Myths.” Nobody thinks a teenage Jesus had a ticket on that boat.


Fair enough.


This here is the correct kind of intolerant billboard:


The guy being tortured to death makes it extra classy. But shouldn’t they update it to make it more modern? I kind of want a waterboarding necklace.


One day society will stop oppressing the Church of Dawnkins!


I have a relative who grew up in a Southern Baptist home. Throughout her childhood she was afraid to borrow a pencil for fear that she might forget to return it and therefore burn in hell for eternity…for “stealing”. She’s still in therapy – but, thank “god”, no longer goes to church.

“Wherever two of more are gathered in his name…there will be a collection taken. Tax free.” :confused:


Church of Dawkins notwithstanding:

Plus a lot more.


They came up with an ad specifically designed to offend people in an area where it would offend the most people. I’m shocked. Shocked. That a company would refuse to carry it.

They’ve pretty much ruined any hope of getting a good-size number of theists on their side, and sabotaged their best argument, which they never used: Taxpayers paid for it. The ad is too noisy with too much splatter to be remotely effective.


its cool how god or not got are just competing products to be advertised on highway billboards in the pomo hell of amerikkka where nothing means anything really anyway. burger king, mcdonalds, dominoes, papa johns, christianity, atheism.


I drive past one of these every day (not this exact one, but same billboard)


id like to think it’s jsut reminding you that any moment could be your last chance to listen to Dio


Oy. There’s one of those here in Rochester, too. So annoying.