Help protest the insane, tax-payer funded, creationist theme park


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Christ, what an asshole.

You can vigorously defend the First Amendment without mocking somebody’s religion. I know it’s almost impossible on the internet, but this case is in real life.

That said, I have always wondered why Noah’s Ark is held up as a children’s story, since it is a story about God killing everybody. I guess it’s because animals are cute.


Most creative protest so far


I was hoping this was dead, but doesn’t seem to be. Well if the ‘Christians’ can have a park, then I’m building a ‘World Religion’ park across the street. ‘Christians’ won’t be represented since I figure they already have their park and my park will be for everyone else.



The billboards are seriously in error and I can’t possibly support them.

2000 years of myth? Come on, this is Young Earth Myth Creationist Propaganda. It’s at least 4000 years of myth. When the historical Jesus was around being an early Reform rabbi, the story of Gilgamesh the Flood and Utnapishtim Noah was already older than the legends of King Arthur are now.
Thanks to @Medievalist for drawing attention to my conflation.


Utnapishtim represent!


How many children’s stories have you read? Bloodthirsty wanton destruction for no clear reason is pretty much a given. Even in Beatrix Potter. It’s educational.


Thank you for drawing attention. The post is about to be corrected.


Here’s an amazing book on that subject:



Is it really respectful to depict Christian mythology in a medium (theme parks) usually reserved for fairy tales and fantasy fiction? It’s difficult to tell who’s the bigger atheist troll here.


Not been a student of Kentucky State Tax law, is the 2% employment tax an additional tax unique to the employees of this park or is that standard to employees in the state?

i.e. why get a job there and pay an extra 2% tax?


Because this is being built in the back end of Kentucky, bro. Drive 9 miles one way for work, or work next door for -2% on your paycheque.

If you have a car. And can afford that much gas.
Why else would this sort of thing fly, unless the employer thought it was doable, to people.


My guess is that if someone wanted to open up the Charles Darwin/Robert Ingersoll/Chris Hitchens Theme Park nearby…

…and promised $100+ million in construction contracts to some influential local builders…

…they would have no problem getting their sweetheart tax abatement deal, either.


[quote=“jlw, post:1, topic:75257”]The money used to build Ark Encounter came from donations of almost $30 million[/quote]How did they manage to –

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Yes, Zeus on toast these billboards are the worst possible idea. I mean, I think Christianity’s a fairy tale, Ken Ham is a terrible human being, the park is a travesty and that tax funds will be used to pay off the debt is an outrageous violation of the separation of church and state. But those billboards not only don’t help draw attention to the actual issues, they’re going to make things worse.


A list of the churches that don’t support Creationism might be a good place to start, along with their estimated worldwide membership.
Beginning with the Roman Catholics and the Episcopalians.

I mention this not because a fundie is likely to take any notice of what the Catholic Church thinks, but because in some of the more backward parts of the world even Roman Catholics are confused as to the teaching of their own church by fundie propaganda; it might make some of these people think.


Don’t forget us Lutherans! (Well, except the Missouri Synod, those guys are nuts.)


Gee, it sure would be a shame if somebody were to burn that stupid fucking thing to the ground…

Just sayin’