Man destroys Arkansas' Ten Commandments monument


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“They may take our secularism, but they can never take our…”


This is the same Xtianist monument promoted by Roy Moore, one of America’s nastier judicial bigots. The ACLU will eventually win this one, but in the meantime Mr. Reed is doing his patriotic duty. The Satanic Temple is also doing the (Dark) Lord’s work, trying to place a statue of Baphomet next to the Ten Commandments monument:


“Which one of the Ten Commandments says ‘Thou shalt not knock down the Ten Commandments’? Hah! None of them! Defense rests, bitches!”



Gee, I had a 1966 Dodge Dart for a while. Never did anything like that, though . . .


What is it the crazy people online say? “Some heroes don’t wear capes”?


The politics of religion and the age factor aside, how is this any different from the Taliban blowing up statues of the Buddha? Such a monument nowdays should not be on public land and paid for by public tax money, sure; but having been created, it still feels like an act of cultural vandalism to destroy them.


They should have built a statue commemorating the Four Demandments instead.


“charged with ‘defacing an object of public respect European colonialism and unconstitutional proselytization.’”


I’m trying to make sense of the part where the guy has now twice knocked over a Ten Commandments monument with his car: the second in the name of ‘freedom’ and the first time because Satan told him to.


Whelp. Get ready for all the “war on Christianity” headlines and sermons and general whining. Just more fuel for the persecution narrative. That’s what’s unfortunate.


One of these things was over 1500yrs old, had effectively transcended religion, was unique, and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The other was less than 24 hours old, possibly in contravention of the separation clause, highly derivative, and unknown to anyone outside Little Rock.

I think that covers the main differences.

Edit: in the same vein, book burning is bad, but that doesn’t make throwing out old textbooks a moral crime.
Edit2: Another example - graffiti is fux0ringly annoying, except when it’s not.


I learned to drive in a '66 Dodge Dart, white with red interior.

That was the last cool thing I ever did.


You mean, except for the four key differences you listed, how is this different?

Taliban destroying the Buddhas of Bamiyan: an act of fundamentalist religious iconoclasm, destroying priceless and irreplacable 1500-year old historically- and culturally-significant works of art, symbols of peace, wisdom, and acceptance, at a UNESCO World Heritage Site, at the time the largest standing Buddha carvings anywhere in the world, standing 35 and 53 m high.

Reed knocking over a Ten Commandments monument: an act of good-conscience civil disobedience, knocking over a 6’ rock bearing an uncreative regurgitation of mistranslated words of religious indoctrination, paid for with tax payer dollars and erected in front of a public government building in obvious violation of the country’s highest laws, which was put up yesterday.

Yeah. Those are the same.


those who will not live by the law…shall DIE by the law…


Reading the news, I throw up my hands in disgust so much these days. I honestly appreciate and applaud this guy for taking the words of a great philosopher into action

Specifically Otter, from the film Animal House (1978) who postulated, “I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part.”

I am not kidding.


I’m fairly certain this 10 commandments monument isn’t a few thousand years old and as such kind irreplaceable for one. I’m sure that a stone monuments to the 10 commandments are probably a dime a dozen, or at the very least easy enough to make.


What’s being lost in many of the discussions I’m seeing of this incident is that Reed is not an atheist. He is a self-professed “born again Christian whos (sic) a pentacostal Jesus Freak”. ( Won’t stop the blame being placed squarely on the shoulders of atheists by christian nutjobs, though.


Oh, you fun sponge, you ruined it for everybody.