Satanists offer "good taste" monument to complement Oklahoma Capitol's Ten Commandments monument




donated by Broken Arrow Republican Rep. Mike Ritze

Wasn’t that a shitty movie?


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From the Al Jazeera article about this:
“Rep. Bobby Cleveland, R-Slaughterville – one of the Republican lawmakers behind an ongoing push to build a chapel in the Capitol – hung up when he received an interview request on the Satanists’ proposal from Al Jazeera.”

You can’t make this shit up.


The American Taliban don’t like to be associated with their international competition, no matter how tenuous the connection may be.


As a liberal Episcopalian, I wouldn’t support an actual Satanic monument on state grounds*, but I sure do support the point that these guys are making, and if they have to go as far as installing an actual statue to make it, than so be it.

*I also wouldn’t support a state-endorsed statue of either Mickey Mouse or Ayn Rand, for pretty much the same reasons.


The point is that there is a statue of the 10 commandments there. I don’t think there should be either a satanic monument or a christian one there, but if they allow one, failing to allow the other is clearly establishment of religion.


Yeah, that’s my point as well. There shouldn’t be any religious monuments there, but if threatening to install (or, if necessary, actually installing) a Satanic monument is what it takes to get the 10 Commandments removed, then so be it.


Heh heh heh. He’s probably still holed up in his doomsday bunker even now.


That She is. :slight_smile:


I’d say that’s unfair to Al Jazeera.


Sorry dude. I missed that. My bad.


Assuming there’s no law that requires it to be in “good taste” (whatever that means), I suggest they attempt to establish a monument that is in the worst taste possible, just because.


Don’t forget the Pastafarians!


I’m more offended at ‘this is a faith based nation’ than the satanist trolling.

This is a nation founded with the concept of freedom of faith with no state sponsored or favored religion.


The comments at the original article are surprising.


lick-able statue?


Rule 34.


I don’t think Rep. Sears who said “this is a faith-based nation” gets that the Satanists have faith also, and that he’s advocating establishing his faith over theirs, in direct violation of the First Amendment.

And as someone with Evangelical and Quaker backgrounds, I really don’t like it when the government tries to take God’s name in vain by using the 10 Commandments to try to boost its own ego; it’s rather clearly violating the faith that he says the nation is based on by doing so.


I absolutely agree, but that means nothing in a court of law.

I’ve lived in a small country town that was quite far from the Bible Belt, and yet establishment of religion is alive and well there. A minister offers prayers at commencement, and the high school chorus has a few hymns in their repertoire, and if anybody doesn’t like it, a little social pressure usually solves that problem. They’re really nice people who never hurt anybody like themselves, and never meet anybody who isn’t.