Photos of the new Satanic monument being built for Oklahoma's Statehouse




Hopefully the plan works and it generates precedent, allowing installations of FSM and Bob Dobbs.

And maybe a Darth Vader too.


Just three years ago the Oklahoma Statehouse was voting on the Oklahoma state song and vetoed the front runner partly(?) because one of the band members shows up to the vote wearing a Soviet style hammer and sickle t-shirt. Later the Governor overturned it.


I hope there’s a plaque to explain the iconography.


I think it’s hilarious.

Also, I scrolled down to read the comments (usually a mistake) and the first one did in fact make me laugh out loud -

“That shit is so fucking metal”
-Zack Deuel · Top Commenter · Cashier at Volunteers of America Upstate New York


Apparently, Satan is a Boy Scout.


My heart grew three sizes!


Two fingered is the Cub Scout salute. I’m a bit embarassed that I know that.

Baden-Powell wrote: Why two fingers? Well, you know what a Wolf’s head looks like with two ears cocked up. It is used as the badge of the Wolf Cub. Your two fingers in the salute are the two ears of the Wolf."

No idea what’s up with the Boy Scout three-fingered abomination.



Akela, We’ll do our best! DYB DYB DYB, DOB DOB DOB.

Never realized how vaguely cultish/satanic that chant sounded when I was in Cub Scouts.


My agnostic monument is might already be on the grounds at every statehouse. Good luck finding one though.

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Christians have fought bitterly over which fingers, and how many, are to be raised during benediction. It’s a biggish deal (certainly a bigger deal to the Church than exactly what Father Unction is doing with those kids when their parents aren’t around, if history is any guide).


I <3 this.


serious question: who foots the bill every time they have to make another one? i’m hoping it’s the taxpayers, because that will put a damper on the (expected) constant stream of vandalism this is going to be subjected to. if citizens see other people vandalizing it, maybe they will put a stop to it out of pure monetary self-interest. (and what’s more satanic than that? anton lavey would be proud.)


Life imitating Art imitating Life imitating…


Well, satanism is another Judeo-Christian religion, so don’t get your hopes up too much for Bob Dobbs.

Maybe sneak in the FSM by degrees… first some Santeria, then some Haitian Voudoun, then a little Shinto, some Hindu deities with animal heads, etc. and work up to it. Eventually the Oklahoma statehouse would look like one of those crazy lawn ornament people’s houses at Xmas. I’m in favor.


For factual information on Satanism, read LUCIFER DETHRONED, the true story of ex-vampire William Schnobellen.

sounds fascinating


Don’t you mean your agnostic monument -might- already be on the grounds at every statehouse?


So is there a Church of the Pink Flamingo already, or do I need to start one?


Just leave a plate of spaghetti and meatballs on ol’ Luci’s lap…