Photos of the new Satanic monument being built for Oklahoma's Statehouse


Can we use the lawn for Holy Head Launchings?


Apparently Satanism is not that metal after all


So there’s no legal reason why we can’t also have a Pastafarian statue, right?

In my dream world this Statehouse becomes a monument to world religions of all sorts. Statues of Buddah, teacups floating around moons, kids scrambling all over the world turtle, that sort of thing.

I would move to Oklahoma and dedicate my life to making that state awesome.


Kindly shrink this down to 1/6 or 1/4 scale and start popping out smaller bronze or resin versions post-haste. Sell on the interwebs to raise additional funds to help offset the cost of the full-size replacements. Laugh maniacally…


Supposedly they’re planning to get it so heavily insured that if one is destroyed they’ll have enough money to build two more. Not sure which insurers would be likely to offer them a policy like that though.

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I was thinking there should also be a monument to the Invisible Pink Unicorn. Then I realized there are already is one!


interesting. well, i guess we’ll see what happens next.

You can’t fight stupid. Stupid will tear it to pieces a thousand times, not caring how much it costs the public.

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Yes there is. It has a strong presence in Florida.

The State song is “Oklahoma!”, and there was never any plan to change it. The song in question was proposed as the state’s official rock song. The article is in error. Most state songs suck, so when you have one by Rodgers and Hammerstein, you don’t get rid of it. When it comes to good state songs, the only other one that can hold a candle to Oklahoma, is Georgia.


Lucien and all involved, according to their religion, will face judgement.

And when you die there will be… nothing. No heaven, no hell, no thoughts, or sensations, because the mechanisms of reason will have ceased functioning.

So please, stop trying to scare people with your stupid fairy tales.

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No, that’s called insurance fraud, and even the Dark Lord isn’t allowed to do it.

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Although I think you are wrong, as long as you have that opinion; you had better hope so.

Na, Im a rational human being. I have a right to an opinion. As a matter of fact as a Christian it is my duty to invite everyone to the party.

Although I think you are wrong, as long as you have that opinion; you had better hope so

Same to you too buddy.

And as a militant skeptic, and atheist I feel it’s my duty to point out the poor reasoning, and bigotry when I find it. The whole reason this thread was created was becasue some tosser like you decided that they could ignore parts of their constitution that they so love to fetishize. They decided that they needed to use their power to proselytize their version of their religion.

Others decided to point out their hypocrisy, and you’ve got your panties in a bunch because of it. The real problem here is that someone wants to use their power to promote, and enforce their particular viewpoint. Which is all fine, and dandy if that coincides with your veiwpoint. The moment that changes you’re screwed.

Which is the founding fathers whole reasoning behind the seperation of church, and state. It allows you to go about worshipping your particular god without any fear of being forced to worship another.

Now you can go on and mutter dark threats about something that’ll happen when I’m dead, but I won’t believe you. Why? Because there isn’t a  lick of evidence that anything will happen to me after I die.

Besides, sitting on a cloud all day, and doing nothing but pumping up some dudes ego by singing fluff songs about him. That sounds like the most boring party ever.


He should really have his pinky extended as well. For the shock value.


The US has seperation of Church and State? Since when? Everytime a US politician opens his mouth words like “god” “bible” and “Jesus” tumble out.

… and I didn’t even start about Creationism in schools or presidents declaring a global “crusade” against terrorism.

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I don’t think that any insurer will insure for twice the value of replacement. Something like that would just create an incentive for fraud or at least motivate 3rd party persons to destroy the insured item. They can make a bet, though, but I wouldn’t expect favorable term.

And I don’t think that any insurer will insure this anyway, unless they have a legal obligation to do so.

With this thing, it’s mostly a matter of when and it’s a singular item - a sure way to lose money for the insurance company. Plus losing certainn Christian customers.

Sorry, Fabian, but you fell trap to a generic misunderstanding of how this works common in Germany: You confuse religion with church, which is probably understandable given that Germany is divided into two major churches and a small “anything else”. (This changed, with more and more people opting out of church, but the effects are still there.)

Are the USA a Christian state? Hell, yes. Much, much more than for example Germany. Do they have better seperation of church and state than, for example? Hell, yes.

The one big thing that sticks out are the tex exemption, but they hold true for many, many countries where religious organizations get treated like charitable organizations.

Any German bad mouthing American separation of church and state should remind himself about these facts:

  • There are church-specific classes in schools, where teachers paid by the state but chosen by the church teach their gospel.

  • In many places opting out of these classes is made nearly impossible.

  • Schools round up their pupils for church service.

  • The state collects church tax from members of certain churches. Or rather: From a married couple. So you still lose some part of your income just because your wife has some sentimental ties to her church.

  • Your unemployment insurance benefits get calculated on the assumption that you are a church member and would have paid your due. So unemployed Christians get the same amount of money than unemployed atheists or buddhists, even though they made more money.

  • Oh, that church tax money? That goes directly to the churches. Do they pay their priests and teachers and bishops with it? Hell, no. Those get paid by the states, from all the other taxes paid by anyone.

  • Confessional Pre-K, Kindergarten, schools, retirement homes - all paid by the state (and admittedly, controlled by the state), which churches just being the executors. Which are exempt of certain labor laws and antidiscrimatory laws, like being able to fire divorced persons or women who marry their girlfriends. („Marry“ not to be taken literally - we’ve had far-reaching civil partnerships for some years, but those still don’t have the same legal standing as marriages.)

Give me American style separation of church and state anytime. If a politician feels a need to spout his nonsense, I can still not vote for him,

Creationism in school: Yes, that’s horrible, but somehow it leads to about the same results in scientific awareness. The disbelief in evolution (as a fact, not just the theory explaining it) and perhaps the age of the Earth are the only two issues where American mainstream and Western mainstream understanding of sciences differ. All the rest - heliocentrism, atoms, vitamins, homeopathy - the differences are negligible.


I’d buy one for my grandma!