Oklahoma GOP wants to outlaw hoodies, unless you are part of a minstrel troupe




Well, there goes the scramble suit.


Does this apply to Klan robes?


If this idiocy passes, I’m going to need a lot more hoodies.

Edit to add:

Also, I’m guessing this mask will be right out, despite it being very arguably protected speech.


I was going to post that this sounds like an anti-Klan law. Or a law outlawing the Hijab. Or full screen motorcycle helmets. I wonder how this legislator feels about people who obscure their license plates.


Does it apply to Klan robes? Depends. Are they singing? Then they’re minstrels.


It says a lot that they had the confidence to type the phrase “minstrel troupes” into the overt language of the bill.


It’s about time the KKK modernized its attire. I’m thinking of something like a big white spacesuit. Maybe we could make it airtight.


I’ve got an EFF NSA-wiretapping hoodie, so obviously I’m wearing it to make a political statement. But since I’m a white guy, I’ve got other legal defenses, such as wearing it for the weather (I’m bald, which also entitles me to wear a fedora without being one of those annoying MRAs), and being a wandering minstrel (I’ve got a ukulele in my car trunk.)


Oklahoma GOP needs to outlaw the idiots amongst their ranks - like senator Don Barrington - for proposing jackass, discriminatory and blatantly unconstitutional bills such as this one.


OK…as long as they ban moronic wide-brimmed cowboy hats too.


Maybe Ukuleles-For-All is the best solution to this law.


Good, at least my gas mask is safe!


I’d like to take a moment to introduce my new line of clothing for Oklahoman people everywhere, The OT, Original Trouper Hoody with matching shoes and/or socks.

For those who walk alone in this world we have The OT, Original Troubadour Hoody which also sports matching socks or shoes.

Wait surely the exempted Troubadours & Trobairitzes? Or is this exemption to the exclusion of Troubadours & Trobairitzes?

Goddammit, you just can’t trust anyone these days! The Minstrel lobbyists we all paid good money to for the exemption swore they would not fail to include both Minstrel Troupes AND Troubadours/Trobairitzes!

Fuck those guys!


I wonder how the “protection from weather” exception will be enforced. Is 60 degrees Fahrenheit cool enough to put my hood up if I have bad circulation? Can a bald guy use his hoodie for protection against sunburn?


He also wanted to get a law that mandated the use of baggy pants and eliminate shoe laces, to make it harder for whatever poor sucker the police are mad at to flee the hail of gunfire, but figured that would offend the fashion sensibilities of his geriatric voting base and backed off.


Is a beard technically a disguise?


In the event of Klan rally, I wouldn’t be surprised if that ends up falling under the “parades” exemption.


Damn these arbitrary limits on Likes.


Holy shit! It is so bad it’s an emergency!

“It being immediately necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health and safety, an emergency is hereby declared to exist, by reason whereof this act shall take effect and be in full force from and after its passage and approval.”