Gentleman warns youngster against wearing Sons of Anarchy vest


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LOL. So thought he was going to spark up cos he was really nervous.

Who was telling him off, another biker?


Yes, it’s terrible show. Don’t advertise it.


There’s so much about this world I’m completely ignorant about. Adding motorcycle clubs to my list.


No one respects the sanctity of fictional outlaw club rules anymore.

I recently saw some punk wearing a Browncoat on UNIFICATION DAY of all days. Turns out he didn’t even fight for the outer planets during the war, he was just trying to be ironic.


I should kill you right now. I’m not gonna though. Because you look like a nice kid. And we’re in Idaho. And it’s not night time. But if we were somewhere else, you didn’t look nice, and it was dark then I’d beat the living shit out of you because of that jacket.


Is this guy fucking serious?

I get it - there are “real” clubs. There are even more people who are in “clubs”. But this is, like the guy said, the fucking TV show. If it said “Hells Angels” or some other actual “Club” emblem I could see his point. This isn’t a REAL CLUB.

Fuck, he rides with buddies, be like, hey, we started a club. Boom, done. Like 95%+ of people wearing vests are just regular dudes, not biker gang dudes.


I bought my authentic Ku Klux Klan robe at Hot Topic. That place is the BOMB.


yeah, that’s what confuses me here. i guess i get the perspective that sporting fictional emblems somehow mocks real groups, but… it’s still fictional. water off a duck’s back, bro.


That fact he filmed it shows this wasn’t about addressing disrespect but getting back to whatever “clubhouse” he hangs at to show off. That he uploaded it to YouTube shows he has no clubhouse.


My thoughts exactly. I was hoping the kid would tell him to pound sand when the guy told him to take off the vest. I wonder which club, if any, the “tough guy” rides with. If the guy feels so threatened by a fictitious TV show gang, maybe he should trade in his motorcycle for a scooter*.

*No offense to scooter riders. There are some very cool Vespas out there.


Fuckin’ poseur; I bet you ten bucks his mustache wasn’t trimmed within 5mm of current Club Specs and you and I both know he doesn’t even have a dozen pieces of flare on his vibr— err, bike.


Ha! I was writing out ‘Would like to like but for scooter hate’ when you fixed it. No scooters for me, but I have friends who do.


Hey Mr Mansplainer, got a question for you:

How would you feel about me wearing colors of a multi million dollar enterprise that produces just as many (if not more) criminals per capita than Motorcycle clubs? You don’t like that? Good. Take off that Football/Baseball/Basketball Jersey and burn it because they’re more stocked with criminals.

Hypocracy: Be prepared to have your own faults pointed out.


Whoa whoa whoa, there, buddy. This is 'MERICA and we measure in INCHES here. None of that ur-rope-pean metric nonsense.
(proper mustache spec is 3/8", FYI)


No, that would cause more problems because the Biker Code requires asserting dominance over any new upstarts who might attempt to piss on the same tree.


Who smokes next to gas pumps? Looks like a meeting between two complete idiots.


“Biker Code” ahahahahahahahahahahahaha
oh wait there are some assholes that think that’s a real thing.



Yep, some of them even carry smartphones.

As far as I can tell it’s like the Pirate Code for boys who never really grew up.


If “real” clubs spent all their time fucking around with the clubs full of doctors and lawyers and old retired war vets like the one guy I know who wears a vest, they are going to have their hands too full to sell meth and traffic people for sex slavery.