Wolf-themed Russian biker gang is exactly as you expect


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Don’t ever piss off the furries.


“fiercely loyal”

As long as the gravy train never ends, then who’s to say.


I’ve been watching Sons of Anarchy. I’m at the point in the show where every single character has betrayed every single other character and dozens of innocent people are dead as a result of their sociopathic indifference and I’m waiting for everyone who is left to get the terrible end they deserve.

Still trying to decide how true-to-life that show is.


Reality? Not much in common.


There’s some 2008 documentary series about secret/undercover agents and their cases. At least one episode is about infiltrating a biker gang. That will be a more factual source.


I saw 2 wolf heads…only 2!!.. i want my clicks back


maybe it’s just SET in a biker gang? Because that just sounds like people to me.


The problem with Sons of Anarchy is too much of the plot is driven by ____ character does something stupid._


Relying on criminals and thugs to bolster one’s regime. Like the Brownshirts without the dry cleaning expenses.


See, this is why it’s a problem for everyone when anyone’s life becomes a bleak shitty wasteland. Because when people are in that situation, being a horrible monster and not being a horrible monster look like equally good decisions. And that becomes self-perpetuating, and after a few generations you end up with, you know, Russia.


With a good touch of “other character forgives unforgivable betrayal that led to innocent deaths, yet is unable to get past much more understandable breach of biker club rules.”


you think you can just toss a wolf head in the washing machine?


I remember these guys from about five years ago, when the absurdly-photogenic leader of the wolves met with Putin and rode around with him.

I was a little disappointed that, when riding out in formation, they didn’t always have a single man near the front wearing the wolf’s head, like a Roman army’s standard bearer.


But who made the mix CD, for whom?


Uh-oh! (Quickly stops washing machine)


Charlie Hunnam’s American accent has always been distractingly bad.


“Exactly as you expect”, huh? When you hear “wolf-themed Russian biker gang” you immediately assume a committed, heavily armed paramilitary group of Soviet-nostalgic Russian nationalist guerrillas in Ukraine? Your intuition is apparently vastly more powerful than mine.


Well, I was assuming either that or “Sandor Clegane on a V-Twin.” Which more or less amounts to the same thing.


Though, to be fair, I shouldn’t assign a political identity to Basset in the absence of evidence.