Charlottesville white supremacist strips off uniform and insists it's just for lulz


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Even if true, that this guy is there for the lulz, that kind of behavior is about toeing the line into reprehensible actions and having an “out”. Oh me? No i’m not racist, i’m just fucking around. If anything these kinds of people are worse than literal nazis because they’re opportunists and cowards hiding behind a thin veneer of an excuse. They won’t own up to their mistakes while they help normalize racism.



Until now I had no idea that white polo shirts were considered racist. Did it have a specific logo or does this apply to all white polo shirts?


Me neither. A white polo and khakis? Man i did not know that half of office workers were white supremacists.


“I had no idea white sheets were considered racist. Does this apply to all bedsheets?”

It’s 100% context.


He is a Nazi, he’s just a cowardly one. The shirt is going back on as soon as he feels safe.

People seem to forget that most of the original Nazis were pathetic losers as well. It doesn’t stop them from doing harm.



First they ruin a perfectly good ancient Buddhist/Hindu symbol, then they ruin backyard lawn accessories, now this.

Off to buy some new pants before work on Monday. Thanks a lot, Nazis.


Okay. I wasn’t sure because a similar thing happened in the past with Fred Perry polo shirts, regardless of context. For a while, wearing a Fred Perry shirt at any event may have caused some people to think you were associated with skinheads.


Slime that they are at least the real ones own up to their shit.


It’s kind of like shaving one’s head doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a skinhead. One bald white guy might mean nothing. A thousand bald white guys gathering to chant racist slogans is bad news.


If they ruin jeans and aloha shirts I am going to be sooooo fucking pissed off.



Think we could convince them to wear flares and platforms?


There were a lot of jokes on Twitter implying that these douch-nozzles chose to dress this way in imitation of President Trump’s golfing outfit. It seems to me, based on his treatment of it as a uniform he must quickly shuck when it gets to scary, that these Twitter jokesters may have been right and many alt-reichers agreed to … ‘don the Don’, if you will.


That makes sense. I hadn’t thought of that.


At least it SEEMED like a joke at the time…


Of course, most people were using this one

which, as* it turns out, is fake.

* Edited to add this superfluous word that i could have sworn i typed the first time.


Looking forward to Monster Energy Drink’s “We don’t support hate groups” press release.