FBI: U.S. law enforcement infiltrated by white supremacists


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/01/31/fbi-u-s-law-enforcement-infi.html

In which Laurie Penny comprehensively proves that she has Yiannopoulos's number

OK, so you can’t fire them on various legal grounds, then pair them up with black officers.

At least Hollywood will get some ideas for a new “buddy cop” movie.


Great, so some of the guys with all the paramilitary equipment that we might need to help uphold the courts when they try to block Trump are probably among his biggest supporters. Well that certainly helped this situation become less terrifying…


Isn’t this common knowledge? Next up: Snow is white


No centralized recruitment process or set of national standards exists for the 18,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States

Seems legit…


Any further FBI studies into racism in local law enforcement will be going the same way as NASA studies of global warming over the next four years.


Oh, the paramilitary equipment giveaway fits the narrative of racists trying to infiltrate the local LEOs and turn them into their own private armies. Only thing is, we hippies aren’t nearly the wimps of their wet dreams.

There will be blood spilled soon, I fear.


Police departments having a clear bias against colored people and getting a pass from politicians? Gaaaasp. I’ve never heard of such thing.


Fair enough. Posted before caffeine took effect.


Why is it Republicans have a fit whenever there’s talk of investigating militias or wight-wing terror or any damn fascist thing? It’s been going on a long time. I don’t recall anybody on the left saying, “How dare you persecute those poor Weathermen?” They’ve identified with their extreme fringe and now they’re going down with it. They were smart enough, once WWII started, not to cry about the poor Nazis. Why not now?


Because those militias are real PATRIOTS!!! MURICAN PATRIOTS!! They’re going to make sure that the “Mooslims” and other of “THOSE” people can’t hurt Murica!!!

/s and lots of it.


Help us, Robert Peel. You’re our only hope.


They’ve infiltrated the White House too.


Why is this story being rehashed now? It was originally released in 2006.

“In 2006, the counterterrorism division of the FBI released a report warning of the widespread infiltration of white supremacists in law enforcement”

Source: archive.org/details/PhillyNaziCop2016


My question was serious.


just an observation- The tattoo on the guy’s arm is a Parteiadler, the left facing eagle used in (NSDAP) party insignia. For “Fatherland”, it would make more sense to use the national insignia, the Reichshadler. Not that a skinhead type would be likely to know the distinction. Also, it does not appear to have a swastika, and the legs are splayed like one would see on an eagle from the Weimar period or earlier. I know these trivial details do not address the subject of the article, but it is an area where I have some knowledge. I bet he regrets that particular tattoo.


Yeah, I know. I was trying to lighten the mood a bit because it’s true. The TGOP looks the other way if it’s something that benefits them.


Only thing is, we hippies aren’t nearly the wimps of their wet dreams.

Very true. I and many of my liberal friends chose not to own guns out of any fear of them (many of us grew up hunting or served in the military) but because we didn’t think we needed them, we didn’t have that “immigrants and Muslims are coming to kill us all” rabid frothing right-wing terror. Most of us have bought guns in the last few months.


Good for those White Supremacists. It’s nice that they managed to find work in Obama’s economy.

“President Trump purges FBI after FBI attempts to purge Patriots from Law Enforcement” ~ FoxNews, the future


If he really regrets it, I would assume that he’d keep it covered.