We regret to inform you the Adorable Irma Cop is racist


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The Florida cop who is proud of himself for being handsome also likes to make jokes about incinerating Jews
The Florida cop who is proud of himself for being handsome also likes to make jokes about incinerating Jews
The Florida cop who is proud of himself for being handsome also likes to make jokes about incinerating Jews


Soiled uniform.


Meet the new Director of the Secret Service in 3, 2, 1…


Ah, the ol “sexy fascist routine”. It beat Indiana Jones and it’ll beat you too.


Can’t say i’m surprised. If this guy just used poor judgement and was saying “edgy jokes” for lulz its not much better either, there’s just no way to defend joking around like that. And considering the social and political climate we’re currently in it just normalizes the racist bullshit the rest of us have to deal with on a daily basis.


Just a reminder that the racists have been flooding into law enforcement for years. He’s but one of many. You can’t judge a book by its cover, etc, etc, and frankly… humanity sickens the hell out of me lately. What the fuck is wrong with people that they hold such abhorrent views about another race/religion/creed/sex/[insert group here]?

Sigh… back to videos of cute puppies falling down and cats failing to make jumps…


Man, it’s horrible enough that anyone would have thoughts like that but to then post them in public is beyond the pale. I’m glad people are able to see this fool for who he really is.


Holy fucking shit. I mean - wow.

ETA - aaaannnnnddd scrolling down the main page, it looks like Facebook is serving up some ads to this guy…


News Flash, having lived in Gainesville for over a decade, I can attest that it’s been fairly racist town for a loooong time.
Generally fairly institutional racism, except where UF has to keep a “good image”, a highly segregated atmosphere in real estate, retail, and social circles…plus a heck of a lot of denial (the token black friend).


Isn’t that wrong by choice of words though as Jewish is not a race?
Shouldn’t it be ‘he’s an antisemite’?


No you don’t. You live for that kind of thing :wink: !


When folks start calling Jewish people ‘lesser races’ I think we can slap the label “RACIST” on.


Have you ever heard of a non-racist antisemite?

But also, Jews are considered an ethnoreligious group:


Hey, I’m not telling you you’re wrong about who you are. I’m only talking about racist (and/or antisemite) dirtbags here. Peace, neighbor.




Welcome to BoingBoing.

It may have been ok among the people with whom you socialize to make disparaging jokes about Muslims post-9/11, but you don’t speak for every American, least of all Muslim Americans (e.g. Shaquille O’Neal). Also, many people spoke out against anti-Muslim sentiment after September 11th. That you are unaware of this is pitiful.

You say we should be focused on discussing that it’s deplorable that cop is a public servant that publicly makes negative posts about people; I believe it’s also deplorable that he even feels that way about others. Hate is fucked up.


Here, let me bring the topic back for you and for new poster @chameleon who are both trying to derail…

Cop, who took selfie during a hurricane, disappoints internet by being full of hate for those he’s supposed to serve and protect.


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