Cop arrested after admitting he wasn't shot by “Hispanic Man,” but rather shot himself and lied


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He looks a little like Walter White, doesn’t he?


I think I’m gob smacked. I’ve never really been gob smacked that I know of but I’d like to claim such and an experience like this should be the time. After all, how likely is it to ever hear of another chicken-shit, lying, hate-infected, racist cop doing some cowardly stunt like this? Just fuckin’ gob smacked!


I was only trying to clean it!

I blame it on the bossa nova!


That def needs to go in the bank.


“And I asked out of Casualty.”


The fact that he had shell casings saved for just such an incident almost irks me as much as – the suspect had to be a brown guy.


Even if the PD is too chickenshit to fire the guy and charge him with a raft of obstruction-of-justice, perjury, etc. counts; surely this sort of thing will toast his testilying days permanently?

I have to imagine that a public defender’s heart swells with joy when thinking about the most snide way to introduce the fact that Officer Friendly was once shot by an imaginary hispanic in a botched crime-scene forgery attempt too incompetent to cover up an incompetent accidental discharge.


Clearly this was an audition tape he sent in for the re-make & this fumble exactly what he was aiming for.


Things That Frighten Police (updated 11/3/15)

Blinking LEDs
Black/Brown adults and children
Direct eye contact
Peaceful protests
Imaginary Black/Brown people


Somebody want to drop this into a GDocs sheet?


You forgot family pets


He “fought” the “law” and the “law” won!

I can’t stop laughing!


I love the Frogman! He’s awesome… and his little dog, too!


Well, now, there’s no evidence that the cop is racist. He just knows that other people are racist, and more likely to buy a story where a brown person is randomly shooting cops.

Not that that’s much of a defense, mind.


The cop might not be a racist. He could just be a psychopath.


Also reptiles:
Cop shoots aggressive tortoise - boing - Boing Boing BBS


Ok but buying into the concept that others will take “brown person” as justification and then acting on it is racism, no?


It actually might be worse than racism. I mean, every human on planet Earth at least has some internalized ambient racism in their outlook due simply to be raised among a species that artifices races (yeah, race is man-made and has no biological basis). But deliberately exploiting that bias for personal advancement? That’s some shady shit.


Enh, I’d say it’s more cynically and self-servingly exploiting other people’s racism. Which, as GulliverFoyle says, is at least as bad. I mean, is someone who thinks it’s okay to exploit brown people really any worse than someone who thinks it’s okay to exploit everyone?