In which Laurie Penny comprehensively proves that she has Yiannopoulos's number

I don’t know if it’s so much sexual frustration as an inability to truly connect to women. I think there are men who manage to “get laid” who still don’t feel connection when they f*ck.


I think of the Sudanese.

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Again. Narrative driven stuff.

What do we want? Proper debate with opponents that respect truth and justice.

How do we get there?

Certainly not by framing the current situation as unalterably poisoned, from which there is no way to come back and necessitating extreme measures.

The extremist narrative is not going to be undermined by playing right into it!

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Sure they are. Sure. Whatever they want to believe.

Although being around young hot teen boys causes painful straightness in some types of people.

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There have been critiques of it going back about three weeks now – people have been preemptively dismissing it and treating Laurie like some kind of turncoat. It’s been disheartening.

It’s important not to accept or excuse the behavior of Milo and his ilk, but it does need to be understood, because while people are celebrating this week as his downfall, it almost certainly isn’t.

Silencing him treats the symptom rather than the disease and I guarantee the rash will flare up again soon.

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im hoping your right and will act as such.

i think that escalation this year is now inevitable but i would still recommend responding with disciplined action

you only have to see the other comments threads and picture them converging this year to create a perfect storm of insanity.

I’m not American, just take an interest in the most powerful nation on earth, like probably many occupants of Earth do.

I will tell you that it is possible to have an informed debate with those political enemies you were at daggers with not so long ago.

If everyone keeps their heads, and marginalises the voices pandering to extremist or alarmist reactions, the situation may eventually be saved from partisan hands.


hear hear!!!

You edited your comment to add those links to other comments but I can’t tell why. Are they the correct comments?

sorry i don’t fallow what are you referring too?

i added other boing boing comment streams that reflected my point. did i f it up?

You linked to a comment from blaze_curry and another from tachin1 having first said:

I guess I just don’t see how those two comments contribute to the creation of a perfect storm of insanity.

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sorry my bad i was trying to link the whole thread topic
fixed now
I don’t live in the US [but have family there] but the problem is when america gets a cold Canada sneezes the next year, so im expecting to see similar events here late 2017 2018.


I’m not going to argue about whether deadly violence could erupt at protests (it has and it will again). My comments regarding that issue were more about whether this particular clown would be involved, not whether it could happen at all. I’m sure there are people who are actually revved up and willing to die for their fascist cause, but there are also tons who want to talk shit on the internet but would do anything to avoid being involved in actual violence where they could actually get hurt.


Oh ok.

To the best of knowledge, States having been trying to pass insane laws forever and I hate to be the one to say it but my only response to people shocked to find law enforcement and government agencies infiltrated by racists is

Situation normal, all fucked up.


he will not be involved you are correct on that.

what makes it different this time is the president may be both sympathetic and willing to use this force.
He may do it to make money, cause some one twittered him, for Putin or cause he hates brown people almost doesn’t matter.
The degree that this infiltration has gone too in the last few years, the openness to who they are and the general escalating militarization of US police does.

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Sounds like maybe you feel the need to do something about those things.

Perhaps you could start by protesting them?

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Guys like the ones in the article are often acculturated to equate truly connecting to a woman with f*cking her. They end up getting neither, despite the fact that they’ve also been acculturated to a sense of entitlement when it comes to sex. It’s a hot mess that ends in this case with a bunch of horny young straight guys riding around in a van supporting the aspirations of an alt-right gay drama queen.


as i said not american
and i am in any way i can
ill be at the feb 28th anti trump protest here in Vancouver at the trump tower opening.
we have a dinner planned with our Muslim neighbours for Canada day july 1st.
i lost a friend last year over his willingness to plan and commit street violence.
in any way i can im trying this year


Well, cheers and a kindly pass on loss for 2017 then. Pondering giant projection posters (monochrome litho.) of John Waters and maybe Malkovich; or maybe Wednesday Addams is a more accessible license.