Evil clown arrested


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No, that isn’t a crime, but this is

I thought clowns/juggalos wore makeup, not masks, so I don’t think he is 100% clown, probably a hybrid of some sort, though his alignment is most certainly chaotic evil.

I must say, though, that outlawing public masquerading is a reasonable safety measure, if you take into consideration recent history.


As if there’s any other kind?


If he had real dedication he would have worn scary clown makeup underneath the mask.

See Kathy Cudzich


I hate it when clowns go bad…


They cuff him but they don’t take off the mask?!?


They’re not stupid. They don’t want to gaze into the face of things man should not wot of.


Goes to show police don’t have to shoot everyone, only the really scary people like unarmed black men! :cry:


Hey. You have your fun, I’ll have mine…


So is it also illegal to be like a costumes shill like Goofy or McGruff in public?

I get the concerns over masks, but this guy was just making the world a little weirder wasn’t he? Did anyone get hurt?


crouching among trees by an apartment complex

Jeez, man, do you have any idea how hard it is to find trees not near an apartment complex?

Meta: this is both snark and truth at the same time.


Not in this case, at least. It seems he’s basically accused of making people nervous.


Yeah, which is kinda bullshit. Disorderly conduct charges are basically the church lady wagging her finger and going “you’re not supposed to be doing that”. (That and failure to show deference.)

“creating an unnecessary sense of alarm is illegal”

Obviously no one has told this to much of the media, since it’s their bread and butter.

Define unnecessary. Also, define lurking. It appears to be used here as a synonym for being.


Actually antimask laws date back 70 to 100 years and were used to combat the KKK, which used anonymous violence to intimidate people of color. I had thought that these laws were invalidated on first amendment grounds, but it appears I was mistaken.


Also define “creating” alarm. A woman might reasonably be alarmed by a strange man, etc. (Selectively) enforcing an anti-mask law is one thing, but charging him for, as you say, being is absurd.


I have my mask picked out


The look on that cops face!


They attempted to, but it seemed to be somehow fused to his flesh and he started screaming, so they figured better not


clown unmasked.


Someone comes to town, someone leaves town…