Do not "tip your mask" unless you want to get the rona

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When bionking, I like to briefly remove my condom as a sign of trust…

/s just in case.


My city already decreed that is mandatory to wear mask while shopping, but still not while walking in the streets, but they provided no more details of how to wear it effectively, and I wouldn’t bet that most people are not using them for too long or without the precautions necessary to avoid increasing the risk of contamination by wearing the mask.
On the other hand, they are not doing something stupid intentionally as this case, but it still feels like it is just a cargo cult science.

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This is so fucking stupid.

Dumbest goddamn timeline.


The Village of a Thousand Elders is creating a safety initiative called “Tip Your Mask” to help prevent confusion and racial biases.

This seems to be some kind of church, not the cops. The cops ‘support’ was via gobbledygook that could be read as support, condemnation, or ‘this is a thing that we have heard of’:

Various police departments shared their support with the “Tip Your Mask” initiative:

East Moline Chief of Police Jeff Ramsey:
“Mr. Harris is a Pastor at one of our churches here in East Moline with whom we have great respect for and have a great relationship with. Pastor Harris and his partners were proactive in coming up with this idea and reached out to see what we were doing as a police department with the new normal of citizens wearing masks everywhere. Pastor Harris and his partners were advised we have taken steps to discuss these concerns with our officers and we continue to adapt to the constant changes with the COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to promote the safety of our citizens and officers during this difficult time.”

Moline Chief of Police Darren Gault:
“The Moline Police Department recognizes that the culture shift of public mask use requires all of us to view this from a different lens. Some people, particularly those in our communities of color, are apprehensive about wearing a mask. What once may have been viewed as an attempt to conceal identity, now is a public health recommendation. This requires all of us to make adjustments in everyday situations. I am encouraged that our community leaders are looking to collaborate on ways to help adjust to a new normal. It is important that our community plays an active role in helping us all adjust to these new ways of living, interacting, doing business and supporting the economy. These are just some of the new challenges we will all face over the next several months. It probably won’t be the only conversations we have about how to deal with situations that we haven’t even thought of or prepared for yet.”

Rock Island Chief of Police Jeff VenHuizen:
“We will continue to work with community leaders to address their concerns, while at the same time ensuring that our officers have received adequate guidance and training to address those concerns.”

Silvis Chief of Police Mark VanKlaveren:
“We support healthy interactions between Law Enforcement and citizens. Any proactive messages that can have a positive effect on those interactions are welcomed. Our officers are informed and are constantly adapting to the environment around them.”


The (non-N95) masks most people are wearing are not there to protect them from the virus; they are there to protect other people from the mask-wearer. Tipping the mask briefly probably will not have much of an effect on exposure of others, unless the mask-wearer exhales or coughs while tipping. That doesn’t make it a good idea, of course, especially since while tipping you could touch your face.

This predates the pandemic (though the Rock Island Line was once mighty fine.)


people are becoming stupid (as if they were not silly enough before), but to cope to that shop request, you always can show up with one of these masks:


Stupid stupid stupid. Prevents racial profiling? WTF?? You know what, I don’t even want to know. Just stupid.


The picture is tiny, so at first I thought that was a mask with a mouth hole in it! Gee that would be useful.


Wait, don’t they already know if you’re going to commit a crime?


It’s a well-meaning, but really stupid gesture.


So Black folk have the choice between trying not to die by exposing selves & others to illness and ~checks notes~ … trying not to die by risking being seen as a mortal threat.


I’d considered looking into getting a bandana printed with my face on it, so that when it was folded and I was wearing it, you would still “see” the bottom half of my face. But I haven’t gone past the “considering” stage. Mainly because I don’t think a bandanna is terribly effective in the first place.

That they are requesting this doesn’t surprise me. That they aren’t demanding it does, but give it time.


It’s not. Most of the homemade/nonmedical masks are going to be far less effective than an N95 mask. But there aren’t enough of those to go around, and they aren’t generally made to be reusable. So health authorities have figured that reducing the amount of virus floating around by 30 or 40 percent is better than nothing.

But the response of the police chiefs certainly reads like bureaucrat-speak for “don’t put this on us, man.”


This is obviously stupid, but it does make me think of a silver lining to this pandemic: if wearing masks becomes an acceptable norm in public, we can toss all of the facial recognition surveillance plans that were being installed right into the bin.


A combination of people who say they wouldn’t mind seeing the End of Days and something that prevents TPTB from matching faces to profiles (or creating new ones). I’m not shocked they’re trying to get people to expose themselves - to death, surveillance systems, or both.


Why don’t they just take a sharpie and write “I can’t breathe.” or “Hands up, don’t shoot.” That seems to work well.

When truth is more horrifying than fiction, a /s is required, I suppose.


My husband went in to the liquor store with a bandana around his face to meet the mask requirement.
He looked like a robber. The owner freaked out until he recognized him.
Crazy times.


All these stories about fear of crime and undermining LEOs are just an excuse to roll out the next level of identification. Let’s see, will it be fingerprints for all or demanding that we all put our chins in a cup and open our eyes wide for the retinal scan? Either one will be promoted as the best solution for our safety, of course.


Having lived near these cities it doesn’t surprise me at all that there is a preacher man advocating that this is for racial reasons. There are “racial issues” all up and down Southern Illinois (I was born and raised in Chicago and went to school in Carbondale and Charleston, and lived in Southern Illinois). Big shout out Rock Island Co, Moline, and E. Moline PD for at least sounding rational. Silvis…really?


Or, for those who need a graphic: