Racist anti-mask Trump supporter on camera at bakery

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Racist anti-mask Trump supporter… but I repeat myself.


Holy Guacamole! I’m upping that to a total melt down GQP/KKKpublican style.


Just this week, in Costco, there was a rough looking couple who were wearing their masks around their necks. I thought about saying something, a polite, “please wear your mask.” But decided to let it slide. They clearly had it on to enter, and it didn’t slip down to their necks accidentally. They also looked like they were no strangers to confrontation. If it turned physical, I was going to lose. So, I chickened out and everyone else did the same. They won. Now it’s pent up in me and next time I might over react.

I wasn’t someone who called the flight attended back when “please turn off your cell phones” meant “hide your phone until the flight attendant passes.” I wasn’t going to search out the nearest 20 year old Costco shelf-stocker and say, “See! Them! You need to deal with them.” If they had security, they hid it well.

Just once I’d like to see a video of a confrontation that resulted in, “OK, fine. I don’t think it’s necessary, but I’ll wear it.” They never do. Until then, I’m just trying to avoid being the star of a “Guy arrested for losing his shit on anti-masker” video. Costco doesn’t want that, my wife doesn’t want that, I don’t even want that…and so, the assholes win.


She’s on a tear. Reddit has three or four videos of her acting like a foul-mouthed, attention-thirsty MAGAt. Apparently she has quite an online presence, so I’m thinking she’s a professional troll that’s trying too hard.

I wish I could see a scenario, when the Karen shows up to do her thing, the employees just slap a sign on the plexiglass and turn their backs. The sign would say:

“No shoes, no shirt, no mask, no service.”

“For the safety and comfort of our employees and customers, curbside service is available for customers with disabilities.”

“We reserve the right to refuse service.”

And then silently let the Karen scream about Her Rights, The LAWZ, HIPPA [sic], ADA, etc. The longer she screams, the dumber she looks, and the angrier the other customers get. The only thing that will get these Freedumb Warriors to stop is a good shunning.


I feel ya. I’m lucky where I am that I only rarely see people without masks, or wearing face shields instead of masks, but I haven’t ever said anything. I just try to avoid them and get out as quickly as possible. But seeing evidence of the ignorance and/or selfishness eats at me. I fantasize about sidling by, ninja style, and spraying them with pepper spray. (Obviously, I would never actually do it! Except maybe that one guy at the Trader Joe’s.)

I like the general idea, but I wouldn’t want to let them effectively shut down a business…not for too long. At that bagel place, for instance, a worker could’ve just stepped aside and made a new line, motioning mask wearers over to take their orders and continuing to provide service. Let the Karen stew in her own hatred while everyone else gets on with their day. And call the cops to have her removed.
At this point, if I worked retail, that would be my 2nd move. 1st, inform them of the policy and our curbside pickup option, then if they don’t comply or leave, immediately tell them they’re trespassing and call the cops. I’m surprised more of these videos don’t end like that. I’ve only seen one so far.


Don’t say anything to them. Go and bring it to the attention of an employee.


What a weird way to live, Bored entitled robot lady, Brings her kids, knows exactly what she’s doing. Damn get a different hobby


But hey, at least she didn’t drop her thong and try to wear it on her face.

Karen theater is getting banal.


2 things:

  1. My wife works retail at a garden shop, and they haven’t closed al all through the pandemic since they are an “agricultural” resource which means they give Karens the chance to buy flowers and bushes so they can still garden while stuck at home because they also sell fertilizer and soil. She refuses to serve anyone without a mask, but feels bad because her elderly co-worker can’t lose her job so they just get shunted to her aisle. My wife always helps her de-sanitize after but these idiots shouldn’t even be allowed in the store.

  2. I lost it when I heard this person say “I can call her whatever I want”. No, you sure as hell can’t. You see that trash barrel outside? You can call that whatever you want. That bench outside? Call it some liberal plot to make people sit outside and IDGAF. Call another human being trying to be helpful and do their jobs a derogatory name, then you can go scream at trash cans and benches outside and then I just have to explain to my mask wearing kids as we pass that there are some crazy people out there.


Just another (nearly daily) reminder that not everyone who lives in a city is a “liberal”, and in fact many are not.


Total power trip. She’s having a tiny two year old tantrum in her prefrontal cortex and is filtering it through the gauzy facade of being an adult…


I go with a passive aggressive stage whisper to my kids. “Check out those morons.”

Surprisingly, it sometimes works. Especially if it’s a couple. Wife feels embarrassed, puts on mask, then whispers to husband to put his on.

A few times, if standing in line with someone without a mask, I mention my mask. How I wear it because my in-laws are immune compromised. Even bringing the flu home could kill them and Covid is a good excuse to wear a mask. That defuses tension. Segue into how I work in the medical field. And that there are hints Covid long term effects are worse than what they are telling us in the media.

Planting little seeds of thought. Most will die. But a few might grow.



The other day I was reading an article about how the plastics industry warped the conversation around their waste stream to put the burden on the consumer via municipal recycling laws and public green washing initiatives informing the consumer that it was their responsibility to keep the earth free of plastic waste while increasing their own use hundreds of times over.

Point is, these assholes make selfish, belligerent choices and it is not your responsibility to continue to flog yourself over their bad behavior. No one’s a chicken because they duck when they hear gunshots.


It’s unfathomable at this point how anyone could still think COVID is a hoax.

If she had any real principles, she would have refused to give this “hoax-propagating” business any of her money and left. Me thinks it’s more about her doing whatever the F she wants and to hell with the rest of the world.


When Skiing and people aren’t wearing masks (about the only time we go out) I tell my kids,“give these guys some room, they’re not wearing masks.” It usually results in the people putting their masks on. After a year of COVID, seeing the anti-mask people is beyond infuriating. I have to remind myself that I believe in peace and non-violence. These jerks are going to keep spreading the virus and it will mutate further. I want to go to a bar, museum, sporting event, friend’s house, etc.


I volunteer as a nature interpreter at our local Aquarium and when we re-opened a few weeks back they implemented an absolute mask policy.

No exceptions other than for children below some age.

If you bought your tickets online and show up but won’t mask up, they will accommodate you down the line when masking is no longer required by reissuing tickets then.

No medical excuses either. Apparently legal has opined the ADA does not apply to this sort health emergency if it applies at all to such things but that is beyond my pay grade. :slight_smile:

(I would be very curious to hear genuine legal opinions on this from attorneys. The greater good would properly seem to overrule personal issues to me.)

We do have security who are, I think, off duty city cops but I am unaware of any incidents so far as people coming to a science place tend to be more science oriented.

Only time I have had to ask someone to mask was immediately complied with as they had just pulled it down while talking to a friend.

Stores and such need a clear policy for staff and a chain of command. Employees should not be dealing with such people past the initial request.

“Please put a mask on.” “No? Please step aside and I will ask a manager/security to speak with you.” And then totally ignore the person other than to repeat asking them to step aside so you can help the next customer.

There is an assertiveness technique called “Broken record” that works wonderfully well in these instances. Not sure if outside links are proper but you can Google it or Wikipedia.

About the fifth repeat of 'I am sorry but I can no longer assist you, please step aside so I may help the next customer. A manager/security will be with you shortly", will solve a lot of issues.


People like this need to be shipped to the Coventry in Robert Heinlein’s story of the same name, and be isolated from society and live the rest of their lives in a walled-in, survival-of-the-fittest, run-by-the-biggest bullies kind of place. Serve 'em right.

Oh well. I can dream, can’t I.


Thanks, I hadn’t heard of this, but it seems useful. Adding it to my toolbox. It does seem like something all front-facing retail staff should get to be trained in.

And for the future, I think links to something like this would be appropriate. I think (AFAIK) it’s only bot-links or such that get flagged/removed. I’ve linked a bunch of times, mainly recipes and articles, and never seen any get taken down.