Kazakhstan's Satanic earthwork




Dammit. I thought you said “Kazakhstan’s Satanic earthworm”.


DO NOT DISTURB IT for it is the very seal keeping the horrors of the underworld at bay.


Soviet-era anti aircraft missile installation?


A pentacle (five-pointed star enclosed inside a circle) was one of many things co-opted from non-Christian beliefs and vilified. It is not inherently satanic, so please stop perpetuating the myth with a misleading title.


That’s no pentagram - it’s the Elder Sign! Ia! Ia! Chthulhu fh’thagn!


which way up are we looking at this ?


We’re long overdue.


Asks the person with the swastika icon.


this is where it’s actually located, since yahoo’s article doesn’t really even mention it.


And in panoramio is a description.


And did those feet, in ancient time, walk upon Satan’s meadow green DA NA NA NA NAH NA NA NA NAH NA NA NA


Hail Kazakhstan!




as @jbgostick points out, this is in fact an ancient symbol of protection.

It was corrupted into the ‘symbol for Satan’ mostly by Christians, who have a curious habit of attempting to make things they don’t like look evil.
The author of this post should probably make up for this rather silly and obvious myth-perpetuation by posting a feature on the history of the symbol, so that we can see they are aware and vaguely paying attention.


Satanic, yes. But only when you see it from a northern hemisphere perspective. From underneath it’s the right way up. Very godly. Indeed, an excess of god.


The Archfiend rises bellowing from the infernal depths, ready to bring ten thousand years of terror…

Great success!

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