Christmas sweaters featuring Satan, sasquatch, etc


Pretty, pretty please let them come up with one of these with the classic Misfits skull logo. Bonus points for Stars of David and a Chanukkah color theme.

Appropriate, Satan is the Christian interpretation of the horned god celebrated on solstice. Santa Claus is another.

Misfits “Crimson Ghost” skull is a brilliant idea.

I was so close to pulling the trigger on that sweet Satan sweater until I saw that Christmas delivery is NOT guaranteed.

Major bummer

I saw a man wearing a Baphomet Sub-Genius t-shirt this summer, looked very hip. It is unfortunate Baphomet has become misrepresented as Satan but once everyone believes the lie…

This looks like something I should see a commercial for in the 90’s while watching Weird TV.

Would prefer if the designs were not so instantly discernible.

Just one opinion.

I’ve just requested a sweater with a big ass clock knitted into the front. A la Flavor Flav!

Fingers crossed they agree it would be too cool for school.

More like the one in this Kris Knight painting?

“Clock” didn’t read right at the first glance. Probably because it was close to “ass”.

Cthulhu sweater sadly missing. Would be a hit among Russian sysadmins.

If it was a Cthulhu sweater based on the Elder Ones, the neck hole might be missing, too.

[quote=“Chentzilla, post:11, topic:8919, full:true”]
“Clock” didn’t read right at the first glance. Probably because it was close to “ass”.[/quote]

My hobby.

It’s Baphomet, not Satan. Please correct.

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