Satanic Temple of Detroit celebrates unveiling of Baphomet statue


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Incoming meme of this guy in 3…2…1…


That’s some epic trolling going on there. God bless that man.

The woman behind him looked pretty tired of his schitck, though.


Notice me Senpai! Notice me!


More details about this tormented hiker lost in the hills of misfortune looking desperately for that peak to rescue him from the valley of depraved habitual self pleasuring:


He may be my new favorite actor of the day!


Here’s his showreel:


Considering he first appears in daylight and then later at night, it seems he’s kept up the schtick consistently, so I’m not surprised.


The transcript of that hilarious troll is horribly mangled. Proof read?


Cant imagine him getting laid anywhere else. Good on him!


I’m terribly bummed that the statue isn’t staying in Detroit. I’d much prefer to host a lovely statue of Baphomet instead of a reasonably cheesy statue of Robocop.

I question the commitment of the protesters. What self-respecting Michigan hustler for Jeebus doesn’t own a 15 year old F-150 or Silverado 1500 of their own?


I plan on following for the inevitable Outraged Christian response


I really love the shennanigans of this satanist temple.


I predict the entire Steampunk movement and anything even tangentially related to it or vaguely similar will now be branded “Satanic”.

Then again it may already have been. I grew up in an area where heavy metal, D&D, Star Trek, Sesame Street, Ouija boards, Buddhism, horror films, Darwin, Halloween, and the TV show Fantasy Island were all considered Satanic.


Looking tired of his schtick is probably her schtick.

…is this like when the reporter finds the wackiest looking black guy after a disaster and gets an interview? Dozens of entirely reasonable people around, but man, reasonable folks don’t make good TV…


But Dukes of Hazzard was just fine, eh?


Anything deemed “weird” that confuses conservative Christians, or anything they personally dislike, already gets branded “Satanic” from what I’ve seen. They’ve got convoluted reasoning to justify it, too (even if it amounts to, “the way things used to be, the culture I’m familiar with - that was the way Jesus wanted things!”).


Baphomet is just as ripped as Jesus. Have we ever seen them in the same room together?


I wish they’d scan the statue and provide it as a 3d model.


It’s more like when a comedian has a really amazing character that they really want to get out there but don’t have very many good outlets for it so they edit him into existing footage of a local news story.