School bus has "Satanic" brake lights




I just hope they don’t find out the United States flag has fifty of those obscene symbols, just reeking of brimstone.



Neither Durham School Services nor the school district would answer any questions about the bus’ brake lights.

Because answering would mean the questions weren’t completely batshit, right?


Also a “Satanic” (or at least non-Christian) symbol:




They’re not upside down, they’re merely rotated 72°; tell them to be patient for a moment, I’ll go get them a satanic mechanic.


So the one on the right is Satanic, but the one on the left is OK? :smile:


clearly onto something here… I mean look at the bus number “19543” it obvious really - 1+5 =6, 9-3 = 6 and 5 next to 4 . the difference is 1 so 5 -1 = 6. = 666. So obvious if you are just willing to see… Jesus built my Hotrod? Beelzebub drove my School-bus more like… Hail Satan tonight!


Funny, I don’t see an upside down star, I see a star that’s rotated about 36 degrees…


Wait’ll she sees the stick shift. Looks kinda like a dick. And the wheels totally look like tits from a certain angle. It is a satanic, dick-shifted titbus. FROM HELL.


Might want to check that math…

Oh and the number of the beast is actually 616. But 9+3=12 and 2-1=1 so it still works out.


Obviously just a star.

However Monster Energy Drink clearly has the mark of the beast.


That takes me back. Wow, did I love their first album. Their later stuff just got way too commercial.


It’s a Zionist conspiracy!


Don’t worry, it’s just the Mormons -


It must be… interesting to be so frothingly superstitious that simple geometry regularly sends you into a panic. But hey, at least there aren’t any real problems with our education system that these parents could be spending their time and effort on, right?


“Why’d they put it up there,” Marsha Hudson asked. “Why’d they put it upside down?”

So that the souls of the children inside may be claimed for Satan.


I mean, duh-doy, right?


It’s obviously a miracle; a sign that I should convert to Satanism. Your move, Jesus… I’m expecting your face on a pastrami sandwich today if you want my soul back.