Park dedicated to Adam MCA Yauch vandalized with pro-Trump swastikas


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Goddamnit… Fuck. Again I have a marginally snarky comment in mind but I just can’t.
Fucking hell America. Guess we are going to have a harder time getting over the racist bullshit than we thought. What is it, 40 goddamn years or near enough from MLK now? And now we are undoing it all.


a swastika, in gold. Classy!


Oh, for fuck’s sake.


Are you sure those are even swastikas? The person seems to have gotten lost halfway through the first one, so tried again, and made it backwards. Ffs, Trump-brand racists are stupid even compared to regular racists.


OK. I’m in TJ, but I’d be on my way down to the paint store and then the park post haste if I were there.

Goddammit, I just know my hair’s gonna turn white this term.


I think the first one is a tag. Looks like ‘stylized’ initials.


Is it just me, or does it make it even worse that these look like someone’s first-ever attempt at drawing a swastika? I think we were all expecting a Trump Presidency to bring out the bigots-in-hiding, but this suggests that it’s even encouraging people who never gave it a thought before to try bigotry on and see how it fits.

(Like a jackboot, BTW. It fits like a jackboot)


Elections have consequences. The consequences of this one will be far-reaching.

Buckle up y’all.


Buddhist Swastika?


That seems unlikely. American Buddhism is pretty focused on non-violence. tRump is decidedly not a pacifist.


Those are trump level swastikas, that is to say, the illiterate version. There’s a reason he speaks at a third grade level.


Surely we should all be simply adding"has a tiny dick" to every piece of trump graffiti …


Maybe they were just paying tribute… ?

Or they are drunken assholes.

Occam’s Magic Eight Ball says…


Children. Or young dumb teens pushing the “boundaries”. Still sad that this is what they think is edgy. Its like the FUTURE has gone backwards 40 years.


It’s hardly started yet and I’m already fed up with anything Trump. Ugh!



“… has really short fingers.”

Apparently that drives him nuts, and it isn’t vulgar :smiley:


Yes, MCA was Buddhist, but surely it’s even more significant that all three Beastie Boys were Jewish by birth.
This is awful.




There’s a lot of innocent people behind bars due to really stupid things we don’t support. Like the war on drugs.

The most dangerous thing about pot is what the cops will do to you if they find you with it in a state that hasn’t legalized it.

Troll somewhere else if you want to condone defacing public property. Vandalism isn’t innocent.