Dad joke turns into a Hugh Mungus meme


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I don’t think the fat guy was sexually harassing her. I think he was trying to make a fat joke at his own expense. It sounds like everyone in this story came by their opinions on the police station honestly.


The woman was holding her phone vertically to film him. She won’t get much sympathy here.


Back when I worked in the security field, I would occasionally encounter activist types and nutjobs who were looking for fights where none existed. I don’t know what this woman’s problem is, but she does have a problem. Disengage and ignore her if at all possible.


It’s dongle-gate all over again


Whatever happened to
It’s Joe Monroe. Ask me again and you still won’t know.


If this guy’s dumb joke is sexual harassment then what the fuck has Bart Simpson been doing to Moe Szyslak al those years?


She was using portrait mode to take a video portrait?


Everybody knows that landscape mode is the ONLY mode suitable for framing the human figure. It’s evolution!


Yep. She was clearly spoiling for a fight. If I had to guess I’d say she’s against harassment, but she has ironically set back her cause by demonstrating shrill over-reactionary idiocy… a disservice to people who genuinely are harassed and struggle to be heard.


Harambe is not a ‘dad joke’. It’s become a racist meme.


If he said his name was Jack Mayhoff I’d agree with her. Hugh Mungus, not so much.


is not a ‘dad joke’

Nope, it’s a ‘dead’ joke.
I’ll see myself out…


Mr Fendedyu
Iva Fendedyu


If you accost someone with a camera and angrily demand their name, you don’t get to get mad when they take the piss out of you.


Obediah Hahrastyu


I’ve hated that guy ever since he made max mad.


I believe he actually prefers “Lord Humongous”, but will answer to “Ayatollah of Rock N Rolla.”

Rashomon is a good metaphor here, whether it’s sexual harassment or not depends on how you want to interpret his comment. Was he being silly, or was he trying to embarrass her? And if it’s the latter, does that water down the definition of “sexual harassment”? Was he even referring to his penis, or his weight? If he had said his name was “I.P. Freely”, that also jokingly references his penis, but is urination sexual? If he had said the same thing to a guy it wouldn’t be sexual harassment, but then maybe that’s the point.

Dammit! Beat me to it by one minute!


False. I’m sure lots of racists are running with it and using Harambe in their own memes (though one of the original sources of harambe memes was black-twitter), that doesn’t automatically turn all the pre-existing or other obviously non-racist memes into racist ones, racists are free to subvert whatever memes they see fit, as are any other group. The same is true with Pepe, and the Clinton campaign’s recent failure to understand him and what it’s origins were.


No, true. It started off as am idiotic meme about a dead gorilla. Like Pepe, it’s now been co-opted as a fun meme for white supremacists, a sort of in-joke for those “in the know”, a shorthand for “hey, man, f those brown people, right?” It’s OK if you didn’t notice that, but it’s the truth.