WATCH: Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star destroyed


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Solid plan, poor execution?


No biggie. He’ll just buy another.

Edit…just to be clear, he did pay to have his own star.
Edit 2 … Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t.



Does this sort of thing happen regularly to the Walk of Fame? Trump would hardly be the first person to do something deplorable. You’d expect they’d have good security.


Who is next? Cosby’s star? Michael Jackson’s?

Bullshit. You would chip away at the border, not the red star. Hell he even hit the one thing that would be easy to pull out, the medallion. Not that you can auction stolen items legally.

Look - you want to be a renegade vandal against a horrible person’s star, go ahead. Don’t dress it up with some sort of moral pant suit that you wanted to do something more than just break something and appease your base emotions.


Dare to dream, friend, dare to dream!


18 straight seconds of physical labor with no breaks? I am doubting this operative’s cover story…


It’s probably for the best. All that piss had stained it terribly.


Why be mad? Nobody found it plausible to begin with, persons who care about sexual assault wouldn’t want his star, and no legitimate charity would deal in stolen goods.



He was making pretty good headway into a tough job. And thank you very much for your hard work, Sir.


Sadly, this is exactly the type of thing that will mobilize the morons.

Just as a single person doing something deplorable (like wearing an offensive shirt about Sarah Palin, for example) is evidence that the entire left is full of hypocrites, we can safely assume that upside down world is already braying about how this is typical leftist behaviour (as opposed to one moron).

Of course, such logic doesn’t apply in the other direction. David Duke supporting Trump is not/cannot be used to suggest that all Trumpsters are Klan members.


Yeah, er, um, not cool. I hate Orange Shitler as much as the next guy, but this feeds their hate rather than the standard point and laugh method. BB had a couple stories of folks building cute tiny walls around his star, Burritos mb? smeared with feces (you know, like usual)? Driving your taco truck to block off herr Shitler’s skyscrapers is trenchant, driving your truck thru the lobby, not helpful.



I’m glad he didn’t injure himself landing that pick axe in his leg or something.


Trump’s is the only star that I’m personally aware of that has been under constant attack:



Despite their respective scandals, there are people who still love & admire MJ and Cosby.

Nobody really loves Trump but Trump.

Not that that makes vandalism ‘okay’; it doesn’t.

I’m just saying your comparison was severely lacking.


Yeah, vandalism as a symbolic partisan gesture is totally counterproductive.




I’m surprised that there hasn’t been a press conference yet to tell everyone how, in some way, Clinton and the Media Conspiracy must be behind this heinous act. And to announce the lawsuits that will be filed “at the appropriate time”.

What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name

Trump always has been an . . . iconoclastic figure.