Donald Trump's annotated Walk of Fame star: MUTE


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My first impression:


Took me a moment, but that’s beautiful.


If only this worked like a voodoo doll.




Wow, the Walk of Fame has a much lower bar for inclusion than I thought.


It’s about $20,000, IIRC. No actual talent required.


Well, it is the Walk of Fame, not the Walk of Decent Human Beings.


I thought the same thing.
I hadn’t considered the mute symbol as a subversive symbol before. I like it.


Oh he earned his place on the walk of fame. His services to the television industry predate the latest presidential race.


How the Holy Frack did this no-talent bum get a star on the walk of fame?


We discussed this once several months back. I’m too lazy to hunt for it, but I posted a link to the Hollywood Walk of Fame that explains that anyone remotely related to the industry can secure a star with enough cash. Someone up thread posted $20,000, but I think it’s actually quite a bit more.


to me that reads STFU


I wonder why there isn’t one for Hitler, considering it’s a walk of fame?
Somebody needs to make a walk of Infamy. The plaques could all have symbols of a turd.


The [quote=“Malarkey, post:11, topic:80494, full:true”]How the Holy Frack did this no-talent bum get a star on the walk of fame?[/quote]

He paid for it.


Yeah, I heard it was more like 60K or something…


Here’s the artist in action. (Previously posted here.)


Oh, good. The artist is Norwegian.

I was worried that they were going to trace the person who did it from that video, but it looks like that won’t be a problem.

I seriously doubt they’re going to extradite someone over a case of graffiti.


The names in the Walk of Fame have been subject to the most continuous criticism and abuse. These are divided into two classes: those who think the wrong names are included, and those who think their own or some favorite’s name was omitted.

–Hollywood Chamber of Commerce press release, 1961.


Q: Why is ENTER NAME HERE getting a star?
Because a fan of ENTER NAME HERE submitted a complete nomination form on behalf of ENTER NAME HERE; and among all the names submitted in that year, ENTER NAME HERE was selected in their category.

Q: What is the cost of a Walk of Fame star ceremony?
A: $30,000 upon selection. The money is used to pay for the creation and installation of the star, as well as maintenance of the Walk of Fame.


So, yeah - someone nominated him and paid the $30k. And of course The Donald himself agreed to show up in person to the ceremony, as living nominees must.

It’s a pretty low bar to hurdle. (-:


LOL me too.

Wait - why does hes have a star for TV? Is it for the Apprentice?