Man dressed as Hulk smash puny Trump star on puny Hollywood Walk of Fame

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the best part to me about this is that this isn’t the first time he’s done this. i admire his dedication and commitment.


I am soooo disappoint at the lack of video. :pouting_cat:


“Hulk smash!”

Using hand tools to accomplish the task feels more like a Thor move to me.


The wording in that LA Times article is terrible. It (and people in general) treat the Walk Of Fame as an award of come sort. It isn’t- those stars are purchased. Anyone can “nominate” you, there’s some perfunctory paperwork, and you pay $40,000. It’s not quite open to anyone off the street, but you better believe for a revenue stream like that, the criteria are loose. It’s a huge cash cow for the jurisdiction both for the star fees, and for the huge increase in property tax values generated.


I fully support Dr. Banner’s campaign of consequences against the billionaire bastards. Too bad he’s fictional.

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I’m beginning to get the feeling that Trump’s a little unpopular.

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Wow. Underwhelming.

Remember, kids, choose the right tool for the job at hand or you’ll take 8 times longer to get the job done. Also, don’t send video with identifying markers to TMZ or post it to your real-name-required social media accounts.

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I’ve seen those guys on the walk of fame. It’s very possible he was just hangry.

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