Monster Energy drinks are satanic!


Love the irony in the quote at the end…

I don’t get it, is she with the firm that markets that energy drink? Because she is doing a fine job of selling it.

I don’t drink that stuff, or it’s inverse, communion wine, but I know which tastes better.

To quote me after confirmation, to my pastor & to his credit, he laughed:

“Damn man, if you have saved the best wine for last I’m sure glad I wasn’t here earlier”


Oh, you wacky fundamentalists are always good for a morning chuckle!


My understanding is that this has been quite thoroughly debunked, but that doesn’t seem to stop the fundies.

Just to play devil’s advocate, so what if it were actually true that a “satanist” snuck some symbols into the design? Does she think that this will have an effect on something in Heaven or on Earth? Is she suggesting that if you drink it, you’ll go to hell? Will it make you more susceptible to demonic possession?

In her mind will the eternal battle of good vs. evil come down to whether or not people buy a soda can?

Or is it as simple as not wanting someone who she perceives to be anti-Christian to make money?

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wait, what…? why would any…huh?

No. I will play devil’s advocate.

My client is not now and has never been associated with this product or it’s makers. However, upon reviewing this material we will be filing petitions for redress where applicable for any and all trademark violations by the producers of this product and we would like to thank Cra-Cra Pope Lady for bringing these violations to our attention.


Get back to me when you are atheist, Monster Energy.

I prefer my horrible energy swill to have no affiliation with the afterlife.


My thoughts exactly. I’ve never drunk this stuff, but if I thought it would annoy her, I’d buy a can.

The person really going to hell is the vertical videographer. I told my kids that if they ever shoot a vertical video (with the exception of bungy-jumping footage) I’m flushing their phones.


Nobody can deny that an O with a line through it is a cross? Unless they refuse to use their brain for a few seconds. It could be a slashed zero (null set), that Scandinavian “Ø” letter, or the Greek letter Phi. I would think that any of those would be more likely than a crucifix. And, in any case, it’s not like Jesus has a monopoly on the crucifix either.


I think you just don’t understand witchcraft.

Also, learn to film crazies properly people.

Alien conspiracies… delusional paranoia.
Satanic conspiracies… religion.

I honestly don’t see the difference.


Is that better or worse than Starbucks having “male semen” (from Ebola-laden “Sodomites,” no less) and the “blood of the innocent”?
( )


The people who believe in the Satanic conspiracies are more likely to have connections to power and are therefore more likely to be dangerous.

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It’s about the percentage of the believers in the population. If enough people believe something, regardless how wacky it is it becomes the official doctrine.
For a somewhat relevant example, see e.g. cargo cults.

Satan is ‘The Adversary’ and it’s competition that made this country great, lady!


Where did this poor woman make a wrong turn in life? She’s a born communicator and could be using her straight talking ways in service of a higher cause, like burning milk in nonstick pans in department store demos. “And just like that, it wipes right out. CLEAN AS A WHISTLE.” It’s sad to see such skills squandered with this trivial devil talk when there is Teflon waiting to be sold.


By posting this link I can’t help but think we are feeding this beasts ego. That being said I wonder if she could decipher the Grizzly Claw label of Kicking Horse coffee.

I thought that Satan was basically like Jehovah’s prosecutor, like a District Attorney. How can he be The Adversary when he’s on The Payroll?

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