Help protest the insane, tax-payer funded, creationist theme park


i.e. why get a job there and pay an extra 2% tax?

Tough to find jobs which pay enough to keep one’s meth habit going?


There you go again with all that facty logicy shit and stuff…


Let’s celebrate a great piece of literature with a theme park right next door to this creationist theme park. I suggest a nine story tower inspired by Dante’s Inferno.

  • The first circle could be a museum (teaching about unbaptized and virtuous pagans.)

  • The second circle, Lust, could be an “adult entertainment” club.

  • The restaurant is in the third circle, Gluttony.

  • The Greed Casino makes up the fourth circle.

  • I’m not sure what would best be represented in the fifth and sixth circles of Anger and Heresy. Maybe make this a mockery of the creationist theme park, with the same rides and events but turned sinister?

  • In the seventh circle, Violence, dress visitors in padded suits and let them attack each other with foam swords and poles, their boxing glove-clad fists, etc.

  • The eighth circle is Fraud … so casino part 2 it is! Or maybe professional wrestling or a show performed by a stage musician.

  • I’m not sure what you’d want for the ninth, central circle of Treachery.


Well, 12 minutes from the Cincinnati airport, less than half an hour from downtown Cincinnati itself. All of Kentucky is sort of “back end”, but this park is an easy commute from big urban centers.


History lectures on level five, STEM lectures on level six.


Donald Rumsfeld speeches?


Actually, I just thought of something. As you step out of the elevator or off the stairs you’d land on a slide that leads you down to the main entrance of the park. It would be in the spirit of P.T. Barnum’s Egress.

Of course, to reenter Inferno Park you’d have to pay the admission fee again.


Indeed! Not only do they demonstrate a willful ignorance of the creationists’ claims (nobody thinks Jesus was on that boat, guys) but they present “genocide and incest” as if those things are evidence that the event didn’t happen. There are lots of reasons to believe the Great Flood didn’t happen, but history is FULL of genocide and incest.

I’m reminded of one of Richard Dawkins’ campaigns from a few years ago:

As a scientist Dawkins should know better than anyone that “modern humans are descendants of people who engaged in incest” and “modern humans are descendants of Africans” are not mutually exclusive.

Somewhere in the history of your family tree somebody did the nasty with a close relative. Get over it.


Yes!! This is what is needed!


My family is Cornish. Probably wasn’t that long ago.


Speaking as a committed atheist, skeptic and scientist: Dawkins is a counter-productive misogynist idiot.

The Selfish Gene is still worth a read, though. It’s interesting even when it’s wrong, and it presents a bunch of important ideas in an easily-understood manner.

21st century Dawkins, though, is a textbook example of dementia emeritus.


He’s an asshole because he’s pointing out that the Ark story is a not a story? That it’s an actual event about the omnicide of all humans on Earth save eight elites? Sure, you may say it’s allegorical, but It’s a literal, real story to Ham and his adherents. And they are celebrating it. (Just like they celebrate, and eagerly anticipate, the coming actual holocaust depicted in the Revelation.)

Personally, those billboards aren’t my cup of tea. I think the less attention, the better. As it is, Ken Ham gets to, again, play the persecuted Christian victim card. Much better that the park languishes without this free publicity, the better to quietly slide into irrelevance and bankruptcy, with dignity and grace of an old dog being put down.

But to blame the messenger is a little holier-than-thou, a little too “even handed.” Is this [the billboard] really “too far”? (Imagine: they’re actually bringing the literal truth of the bible, stories of genocide and incest, to the attention of the public!) In any case, I think the religion can survive this indignity.


Nah. Personally, I think the theme park’s a hoot, and the closer it adheres to the letter of Scripture the better, for comedy’s sake. As for the “taxpayer-funded” part, well, I get equally up-in-arms over taxpayer-funded sportsball stadiums. In both industries, professional sports and professional god-bothering, you have a smallish group of hucksters raking in cash hand over fist by playing on the loyalties of the faithful. We all go to hell in our own way.


I wonder if they similarly protest the incest themes in Star Wars and Wagner’s Ring cycle.


Er… Bettelheim? Might want to look into his history a little more, since we’re talking about myths and fantasies.


I drive by it regularly on my way to see clients. Sadly, I do not have 100 eggs.


I wonder if they will go with the two-of-every-kind or the seven-of-every-kind version of the ark story?


Acting liked assholes isn’t going to stop the park?

I’m shocked.


you better get ready and bear this in mind.
God showed Noah by the rainbow sign,
no more water, but fire next time.


Did you ever read Graham Greene’s piece on Beatrix Potter? He speculated on some traumatic event in her life which turned her style darker, culminating in The Tale Of Mr Tod, with its baby bunnies trapped in an oven… Beatrix Potter wrote a stern reply pointing out that she’d not composed the stories in the order of publication, and that rather than some life-changing Freudian trauma, she’d just had flu.