Kentucky's Noah's Ark religious attraction to open next summer


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Will Jesus be there?


You jest, but I have even money that they will at least claim Unicorns were real but didn’t make it on the ark for some reason.

I went to this pick-your-own berry farm and they had honey bees too. And a large model of the ark with an explanation that they packed eggs for some of the larger dinosaurs.

OH - so that’s how to get links greenlit - nepotism.



It is not going to rain
So I won’t come in the Ark
The other animals are being daft
Said the Silly Siposark

Brian Patten


Hey, to be fair, Bob’s links are pretty great.

If I had an uncommitted Saturday afternoon in Kentucky, I’d go check this thing out. I mean, it’s no Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but the production designer seemed to have enjoyed himself.

Kinda strange that he seems to be a one-person department, though. That’s a lot of clay pots and wooden beams for one soul to generate.

ETA: I do not believe I will ever have a Saturday afternoon in Kentucky, committed or otherwise.


Love that GIF!


It’s the GIF that keeps on giving…


Was the ark logged and made by hand, or is it more of a disneyland thing - made with powertools and sawmills, work crews, the logging industry, etc?


Yep, I think that’s what I’d need to be in order to find myself in Kentucky.


Going by that production design video, it seems awfully tight and smooth for antediluvian Iron Age construction by four dudes without access to Makita chargers and OSHA-approved workspaces.


If that was L.A., he’d have a bag of oranges


What a phenomenal waste. I’m not against amusement parks, but we have kids who can’t afford school supplies in this country and this is where a supposedly educational organization decides to spend it.

The GF and I are planned a bourbon distillery tour. Just sayin’.




According to an older post, they at least initially planned to go with “Amish carpenters” – but then this is also the one where the designers started off with an appalling plan to actually include live animals, isn’t it?

ETA: Here’s what I was looking for.


There’s an interactive section where the kiddies get to dress up as square pegs so they can be hammered into round holes.


Why couldn’t they have built this in Dumas, Arkansas?


Maybe they’ll open up an adjoining restaurant where unicorn will be on the menu.

Whereas the unicorn was strong, honest, fearless, impeccably groomed and a mariner who never knew a moment’s queasiness. Once, in a gale, Ham’s wife lost her footing near the rail and was about to go overboard. The unicorn—who has deck privileges as a result of popular lobbying galloped across and stuck his horn through her trailing cloak, pinning it to the deck. Fine thanks he got for his valour; the Noahs had him casseroled one Embarkation Sunday.

–from A History of the World in 10 and 1/2 Chapters by Julian Barnes


… and some green alligators and long neck geese, some humpy back camels and some chimanzees, some rats and cats and elephants…



The Louisville Courier Journal reports that the timbers are shaped and fitted on site by Amish carpenters. They also claim it is the largest timber framed structure in the world. Link to story: