Creationist theme park wants $18m tax incentive, only hires fundamentalists


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Hey, whaddya know? This one’s 4362 years old too!

Also, you don’t have to be so vague about this “approximately 6,000 years” - at least one writer for Answers in Genesis claims that the first day was September 21, 4004 BC (Ussher was just over a month wrong due to a mixup between the Julian and Gregorian calendars).


Ah, yes, this is the place that already had to scale back their ambitions once.

I suspect they will find that the intersection between fundamentalists and those skilled in maintaining facilities for housing large numbers of animals will prove to be much too small, and the whole business will fail spectacularly, taking the government’s money with it. Or maybe they will have to relax their restrictions and bring in competent people.

I mean, if there were plenty of Bible-thumping veterinarians out there already, surely they would have never gotten this far?


Duh, the big ones appear to be deeper in the sediment (and hence older), but that is just because they were slower and thus got covered by the flood first.


Hey, to be fair if they are delusional enough to believe they have an educational mission (and they are) then they probably want people who aren’t going to destroy said “mission” by laughing at it as they do the walk through. That ain’t gonna be easy.

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Or laughing at it as they watch debates which stop a Creationist theme park from going out of business.

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Talk about your leeches on society. These welfare recipients are draining our resources.


[T]he religious requirements are so stringent even locals will have a hard time getting work there.

Thank goodness for small favors, but what’s the unemployment rate in the area? Some people might be desperate enough for a job that, to quote Winston Zeddemore, “If there’s a steady paycheck in it I’ll believe anything you say.”

Also from the article:

When Ark Encounter was originally approved for much larger tax incentives they were required not to discriminate in hiring.

There’s no tax incentive small enough, or potential benefit from jobs for the area big enough, to justify public money being used to support a business that discriminates.

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…present a literalist understanding…

They do a good deal more than that. Presenting ideas is one thing, but actively arguing against the scientific method is another level.

I look forward to when it opens. (snark emoticon here)

Especially when they start kicking people out for pointing out all the flaws in Creationism. Should be some very entertaining reading, especially once the discrimination lawsuits start making the news.

Answers in Genesis is playing shell games. The Ark Encounter is created as a separate legal entity than Answers in Genesis. If the junk bonds default, AIG is not on the hook at all. It’s all on the Ark Encounter (shows you how much faith AIG’s Ken Ham has in the project). The Ark Encounter is a for-profit and will be receiving government tax subsidies and can’t discriminate. AIG is trying to get around that by claiming the the position of “CAD Technician Designer, Ark Encounter” is actually a job with AIG (which can discriminate), not the Ark Encounter (which can’t), which is funny given that the job listing says “Ark Encounter” not AIG. And how would AIG pay this person given that the funds for the Ark Encounter are with the Ark Encounter? Sounds like AIG is trying to pull several fast ones and funnel money from Ark Encounter to AIG to allow massive, illegal discrimination.


Jesus, I can’t stand creationists. Seriously. You make me weep.

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I’m assuming that is a quote…
Jesus: “I can’t stand creationists. Seriously. You make me weep.”
Mister44: “You and me, brother.”


In Kentucky’s defense, they have to consider the tax break. It’s a government tax rebate program open to any qualifying entity.

Charles Manson qualifies to apply for parole, the state must consider the application, but they don’t have to give him parole.

Approval isn’t automatic.

[Actually,][1] the Earth was created on Sunday the 21th of October, 4004 B.C., at exactly 9:00 A.M., because God liked to get work done early in the morning while he was feeling fresh.*

*may be wrong by as much as 15 minutes

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John 11:35 reference?

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Perhaps Matt 6:6

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That NPR piece doesn’t claim a figure, so I’m not sure where the “millions” claim comes from.

It was dumbfuck creationists money anyway… the same morons who will go to such a museum.

I believe that was a typo…


Wow, I never even knew my father was a total perv!

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