Texas man finds fossils from Noah's flood in his backyard


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I think this is really the last word on this guy:


Again with Texas…why do we keep them in the USA?


Wait wait wait a minute.

I thought God killed all the animals, except the ones in the ark. Does that include snails? Because I’m kind of wondering how these little guys got fossilized.

EDIT: Perhaps snails are plants?


Fun fact - ignorance is not limited to Texas.


Texas has produced lots of great musicians:

Steve Ray Vaughn
Eric Johnson
ZZ Top

And actually, I’ve met very few of these types in Texas between a bunch of visits to Dallas and Houston.

Houston, actually, you get to meet Space Cadets (literally). Austin I gather you meet another kind of Space Cadet as well.


“Joe Taylor, director of the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum in Crosbyton, Texas, “analyzed” the fossils and says that Propst is correct.”

I guess they’ll hire anyone to be a director for museums these days… I should apply.


I can’t help but be reminded of this classic fossil find from the early days internet humor. http://www.snopes.com/humor/letters/smithsonian.asp


I found evidence of R’lyeh in my back yard and my analysis concluded that the Old Ones existed 4000 years ago.


Why not? If you too “left the area for art school and a career in commercial illustration and advertising design in New York City and Los Angeles” then you can start your own fossil museum, give yourself a fancy title, and claim fossils are thousands of years old instead of the millions “scientists” who have “studied” and gotten “degrees” claim them to be.


Well duh. Snails aren’t vertebrates, so what do you know James Sagiebiel. Honestly - one minute it’s uniformitarianism with these people, the next it’s all asteroids and ice ages. Talk about wanting it both ways.

  1. Oil
  2. As a place to isolate our crazy people from the east and west coasts
  3. Because Mexico won’t take it back


This might be a good time to mention “Smithsonian Barbie” (an urban legend from a few years back, but a quick entertaining read)


Just concentrated there. Like frozen orange juice.


I carry Jesus’s first burrito around in a ziplock baggie.


So you will have an escape tote.


I thought the young earth and fossils were mutually exclusive ideas. So now some fossils are proving Noah’s flood, but the ones from the dinosaurs are a hoax or something?


“Introducing new Creation Science. All the sciency-sounding words you love, but with 100% less actual science. With new Creation Science, you can give your kids the great taste of science, but without any harmful facts or evidence. If you think you might like the idea of science, but don’t want to risk questioning your beliefs, why not try Creation Science? So ask your pastor if Creation Science is right for you (it is).”



Creationism is all about making shit up anyway. So there is no need for them to stay consistent with any given argument as long as it gets to their nonsense conclusion of “God did it, just like in Genesis 1”


“Taylor believes that among other animals Noah took dinosaurs on his ark, but researchers believe that this would be impossible.”

No comment.