Video: MAGA man who ran for Ohio governor (and lost) thinks earth and dinosaurs are 6,000 years old

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In the universe where pi=3 it does. And in the universe these asshats are trying to create where nothing is real, everything is exactly as we are told it is, even when we were told something different yesterday. Also idiots.


“On the Ark” is a dumber theory than what young Earthers normally spout - dinosaurs never existed, god put those bones in the Earth as a test of our faith (and carbon dating is fake).


Somewhere I read a comment that basically posited that maybe the fluoride myth folks may have a point. Then again it may be a case of inbreeding or too many cans of spray paint, if you get my drift.

Or even just “dinosaurs went extinct before (or during) the Great Flood and thus were not included among the animals that boarded the ark.” Even someone who believes that the book of Genesis is literally true should be able to imagine a scenario in which dinosaurs roamed around for a thousand years or so and then went extinct by the time Noah rounded up all the other critters.

I mean, imagine how frustrating it would be for Noah and family to have to make room for all those tyrannosaurs and sauropods just to have them go extinct like a week after everyone de-boarded.


Evolution denial and young earth creationism have been associated with this party for a long while though. Leading the way for more directly consequential rejections of reality, like global warming and vaccines, and more spectacular ones, like imagining that America is under admiralty law and Biden is dead.



Simply not an option to consider. Sure, going extinct in the deluge makes a very convenient explanation, one that some scientists even suggested in the early days of geology and palaeontology. But the bible says two or more of every animal was on the ark, so the dinosaurs have to be there, end of story. :man_shrugging:

Don’t worry, I’m sure Noah had experience dealing with them.

  1. How did the amount of water on Earth now manage to cover all the land mass, including the Himalayas?

  2. How did Noah’s ark fit all those animals, while also storing enough food for 40 days?

  3. When the animals were set free on Ararat, how did the gazelle survive to reproduce while also providing food for the lions?

If the answer to any of these questions involves “magic” then you’re not really talking about science, are you.




Maybe that’s why the dinosaurs went extinct, they provided the food supply for the surviving carnivores. But also one should remember that when the waters receded the entire world was covered with the water-logged corpses of humans and animals of every sort.


Note to self: begin script for Noah’s Ark horror film. “Ark 2: Land of the Rotting Dead.”


More fun science, since this fine gentleman seems to revere it so much– two animals is not enough to create and maintain a stable gene pool. You need a lot more genetic diversity than that. Scientific positions on this vary from 3 males and 2 females (with some luck) all the way up to thousands of each, depending on how much of certain variables for genetic decay you accept. Two? Not even close. They’d all be cross-eyed by generation four and dead by generation six.


That one’s easy. You’re forgetting to add the total amount of wine now on earth to the total amount of water, what with all the transforming that happened in the later books of the series.



Well that doesn’t bode well for Noah’s offspring…


Sure explains a lot though.

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I’ll see myself out.


I have friends that think the Ark Encounter is actual history believing the 6,000 year thingy.

I’ve never heard a viable explanation how this all worked. How exactly did Noah and his sons repopulate the entire earth in such short time?

From the Ark Encounter

First Things First

Noah built an altar and made an offering to the Lord after leaving the Ark. God blessed Noah and his sons and told them to repopulate and fill the earth. Then the Lord gave some instructions that permitted man to eat meat, but He gave a strong warning against killing people. (that simple instruction didn’t work out too well)

Climate Change

Weather patterns after the Flood were very different from what Noah’s family had known prior to the deluge. Widespread volcanic activity combined with warm ocean temperatures set the stage for the Ice Age that soon followed.

They explain cavemen as well, doesn’t make sense but they try to have an answer for everything.


Pinches nose. I really can’t stand young earth creationists…

It is important to know our understanding of paleontology and geology STARTED with the the assumption of a world wide flood. But the evidence didn’t pan out.


“I’ll go with the Biblical”

I’ll go with you’re f@cking moron.