Podcast host still confused about evolution after chat with author Aron Ra

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Why would you start a podcast to prove you’re an idiot?


To some people, any attention they can get will do; even negative attention.


It’s like watching two bots duke it out. They both get what’s going on.

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Even setting aside the obvious “human beings are apes” thing and assuming the question the host meant to ask was “have you ever seen a non-human ape turn into a human being?” it would still be a ridiculous question.

If anything, “why yes, I have personally witnessed a chimpanzee spontaneously birth a human baby” would be evidence against the overwhelming scientific consensus about how evolution works.


That human beings can spontaneously give birth to mice?

i love reading stuart little GIF


IIRC in the movie version Stuart was adopted rather than the Littles’ biological son.

I guess that’s what happens when the woke pro-science crowd gets put in charge of making movie adaptations about talking mice who drive tiny cars.


Oh good! Because that is what shattered my suspension of belief while reading the book!


Debating evolution with people who have decided they are vehemently against the idea is pointless.

At best you can hope there’s someone out there listening who is legitimately curious and will understand your points, but the host here is going to do everything he can to dismiss your ideas using the same tired, willfully ignorant arguments.

“If humans evolved from apes, why are there still apes?”

“There aren’t, at least not the apes we came from-- there are no fossil remains of modern chimps or gorillas or humans in the fossil record millions of years ago, there are remains of earlier apes that no longer exist.”

“A HA! You just said apes don’t exist, they DO exist, I’ve seen them in the zoo!”

“You’re not actually listening to me are you. I’m just here to be some kind of punching bag for your beliefs. OK, fine, let’s discuss sports then.”


Only a moron would do something like that. …oh.


I’ll argue with someone who can show they are listening and understanding my words. Once it becomes clear they are a moron or a trolley, I’m done talking to them.


Creationists are exhausting. Even though the Catholics and most of the major protestant churches have accepted it, many of their followers haven’t for some reason. And Evangelicals and Southern Baptists are the worst on this, many of them insisting on a young earth as well. :confused:



bill hader laughing GIF by Saturday Night Live


“I shall win this argument through sheer will and semantic pendantry.”


Honestly, anyone who has spent more than five minutes in a busy playground should not be surprised in the least that humans are primates. When I just watch kids at play, “humans are primates” doesn’t even feel controversial; it feels obvious.


Huh, so the dude isn’t just confused about evolution, he’s confused about analogies, too.


The problem with creationism is not that it isn’t provable, but that it is easily disprovable.

Evolution is the theory that all life progresses through incremental change, refining itself to best use environmental conditions to survive and reproduce. Evolution predicts that all land animals will have a spine, four legs and a tail. That all heads will have two eyes, two ears, a nose and a mouth. All birds will have two legs, two wings, and feathers. All vertebrates will have a heart and lungs. There are a lot of “superficial” differences (fur and feather color, beak size, tail length, ear size), but the underlying structures are largely the same.

Creationism is the belief that god created all the animals and plants in the world. And yet, where are the six legged horses? The monkeys with tentacles instead of legs? The turtles with wings? One legged gnomes with horns? The centaurs, gryphons, Minotaurs?

The problem is, for creationism to be true, god has to be less creative than the average five year old. Ask a five year old to imagine a new animal and draw it, you’re likely to end up with a purple dog with lobster claws and forty eyes.

Meanwhile god is barely phoning it in: this bird is blue, this one red, this one white and yellow, this one brown with a little thin beak, this one brown with a big fat beak…

If I were religious I’d be ashamed to be a creationist, because it makes god look downright sloppy and pathetic.


You can watch the video here.

No thanks. No good can come of this. Bad faith moron will be a bad faith moron.