Heathens need not apply! Kentucky's 'Ark Encounter' is hiring


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Coming soon to Kentucky a white elephant that never paid it’s way (like the creation museum but more so)



the park won’t discriminate against various flavors of Christianity

Aren’t they supposed to have just two of each type?


Genocide & Incest Park!

Could work well in the South!


late stage capitalism


I live close enough to go to work there, and I meet the criteria. But they failed to mention the requirement that employees must be the most imbecilic kind of fundamentalist - because that would be discrimination.

I wouldn’t last fourteen minutes. Lawl.


Well, so much for feeding the poor and helping the ill and infirm. Ostentatious displays of biblical literalism are certainly the most direct path to grace, or whatever.


Goddamn it - I was going to do that…

Oh well - here is the video:

Also, doesn’t Disney World get tax breaks and such from the state? I mean, Disney basically thrives on a cult that worships it. Just saying.

I think this Ark theme park is retarded, but if retards actually spend money to visit it, then that is why the state is funneling money. Well, that is why they funnel money and/or tax breaks to all sorts of large tourist attractions and sports and convention venues.


Wouldn’t an all-Jewish staff be more authentic?


Indeed, given that there were no actual christians during this mythical era being celebrated, just yahwenic cultists…


Man, they’re really playing both sides of the “it’s a business!” “no, it’s a church!” divide there, as a for-profit company run by a non-profit. Municipal bonds, because it’s a business! Only hire Christians because it’s a religious organization! Donations! Investments! (Apparently donations were used to build the ark itself, because it’s “educational” - the park around it was built with investments.)

And, like sports venues, I suspect it’ll never come close to paying back all the money that the state’s put into it in various ways - interest-free loans, infrastructure built for it, road alterations, huge property tax breaks, public land sold to them for approximately 1cent an acre… all approved based on massively inflated attendance projections.


There are two hippos on the ark. Hippocracy, hippocracy.


And in five years, it’ll be up for auction and all that investment money will be filling whats-his-name’s pool in the bahamas.


Which reminds me – here’s one Catholic who p’bly won’t get hired in:

“We must be on our guard against giving interpretations which are hazardous or opposed to science, and so exposing the word of God to the ridicule of unbelievers.”

– St. Augustine of Hippo


I have to.


Kentucky is not a backwards wonderland, but just like every other place on earth, we do have our backwards residents. It seems like every time my home state is mentioned in the news, it’s for something ridiculous like this. I promise there are plenty of super awesome people that live here too!


Well, not necessarily. What’s the worst that could happen if they discover you lied on your application? Breach of that contract might get your ass fired, but even if the bosses believe such a thing might get that ass thrown into a lake of fire, you and I know it probably ain’t gonna happen.


It is the ark…
Which is old testament…
Why, exactly, do employees need to believe in Jesus Christ?
That makes no sense whatsoever.

Oh: And why, WHY would people do this? That looks expensive.


It’s a Christian theme park, that’s why. You have to be a Christian to believe all that Old Testament stuff. Jewish? Getouttahere!