GOP Senator David Perdue leads prayer for Obama's death

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I think @Mindysan33 needs an update of her Bugs Bunny Florida gif. Doesn’t cut quite high enough up.

Of course…




[quote=“frauenfelder, post:1, topic:79513”]Here’s more from the passage (New Living Translation):[/quote]Well, gee, there’s scarcely any Bible passage that won’t start to sound a bit strange if you put it in sufficiently wide context (though this one would definitely seem to be a particularly straightforward case).


Addressing God with a prayer for harm to another person instead of for his salvation is de facto performing a Black Mass.


However, we should add the media to our prayer list because they are pushing a narrative to create controversy and that is exactly what the American people are tired of.”

That is some quality smarm. I have to admit.

This fine fellow aside; the question of ‘imprecatory prayer’ is kind of an entertaining read. It’s a matter of some controversy among various branches of Team Jesus, ranging from those who gleefully hope that the magic will actually work to those who suspect that asking the all loving prince of peace to kill people for them might not be entirely well thought out.


New Living Translation

The /what/ translation?

*looks up story of “modernization” effort * … eww.

It’s important to keep all those old-timey words in the bible so people are reminded how out-of-touch it is.


Only if you shred a wicked bass riff while doing so. \__/


In a more general sense, I have a hard time with the whole concept of this kind of prayer. No, not the “God, harm my enemies one”, that, yes, I do. I mean, in general, all prayers that sound like a long list of DEMANDS you make of God, like he is your servant.

Oh Lord, do this, do that, take this, write down the other, scratch that other part, ensure this and that happens, and …

I just imagine the sky opens and some ray of light descend on them and a booming voice says:

“And fuck you, I’m God, you twat. Who do you think you are? I’ll do what I please, and is starting to please me to give you a very hard case of genital herpes. You want all that stuff, you do it yourself, because I’m not your fucking rented thug and I dont care about your petty stupid fights”


A Biblical line about removing the mote from one’s own eye comes to mind.

(Specifically Matthew 7:3.)


Hey, we’re Americans, don’t try to tell us what we are and aren’t tired of. We can be tired of a lot of things. Being tired of things is kinda what we do.


Why go to the trouble of trying to locate some teeny little mote when you could just Matthew 5:29 the problem and eliminate all current and future motes?


Yup. “Concubine” tends to be replaced in newer translations with “handmaiden.” Implying a housekeeper, when the more accurate translation is “sex slave.”


Also, from Wikipedia article about NLT:

The method combined an attempt to translate the original texts simply
and literally with a dynamic equivalence synergy approach used to convey
the thoughts behind the text where a literal translation may have been
difficult to understand or even misleading to modern readers.

Because people interpreting the “thoughts behind the text” has certainly never lead to misunderstanding… and “difficult to understand?” yeah…it’s the “word of god.” Your brain is the size of two fists. Get over it.


If you have ever read THE HANDMAID’S TALE, you can see where they are going with this.


Now that I want to see!


As far as I’m concerned he can pray for God to strike me dead all he wants.


That line always makes me think of the novel ‘Carrie’ (which was much more horrific than the original movie); there’s a flashback to an instance of the abuse that Carrie suffered at the hands of her insanely zealous mother:

At five years old Carrie’s mother catches her looking at their teenaged neighbor, who is sunbathing in the backyard next door. The girl’s top accidentally slips and exposes her bare breasts and Mrs White flips the fuck out; to the point that she’s actually about to try to gouge out her own daughter’s eyes…

And that’s when Carrie’s powers actually manifest for the first time, whence she wills an immense hail of sleet to come crashing down on the White household.


Y’know someone recently asked me what I’m so worried about with this particular election and what’s at stake.

The Handmaids Tale is a prime example of what really worries me; a dismal future with no agency or hope for anyone, let alone women.