Dumbest Rep. Louie Gohmert was excited to find the solution to gun massacres: more thoughts and prayers (video)

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Yeah what kind of political leader would do such a thing?


The thing about Louie is, he doesn’t know the meaning of the word hypocrisy. That’s not figurative in the sense of most Republicans. I doubt that he can read well enough to find the word in the dictionary, let alone parse its definition.

I think an interview with a Texan who’s repeatedly voted for both this obvious dummy and for slimy Cancun Cruz would be fascinating reading.


I don’t remember ever praying at school and I’m 70. Maybe that’s California public schools


So this guy’s favorite God has allowed over 240 mass shootings so far THIS YEAR in order to wag a finger at one guy who doesn’t give Him enough good PR. God must be just as petty as Gomhert and his pals.


We didn’t even pray in our Catholic parochial school.


The guy (and clearly he’s a man) they imagine they worship really is a dick. Maybe they can use all those guns to overthrow their god and install a new one with the capacity for decency and compassion. I vote for Fred Rogers. He’d probably not appreciate the blasphemy of me nominating him for god but he’d forgive me for it.


So the Supreme Court ruling school-sponsored prayer unconstitutional in 1962 is why America has so many school shootings? Hmmm, is it though?
Must have been one hell of a delayed effect - seeing as more than half of all mass shootings between 1966 and 2019 happened in 2000 or later.
Seems like there’s another, more closely related change you aren’t talking about Louie.
How long have you been in the pocket of Big Calendar! Clearly it was leaving the 20th Century that is the problem - we need to change all the calendars back to the 1990s immediately! But of course Big Calendar doesn’t want this simple solution to mass-shootings to happen, people wouldn’t need to buy any new calendars since they could just use old ones.

Or maybe, the fact Bill Clinton’s assault rifle ban ended in the early 2000s might be a reasonable explanation - but that would mean gun control works and guns are the problem. Nah, that can’t be right… it’s definitely the calendars.


There ya go, Louie; shift the blame from the obvious culprits [guns & people who shouldn’t have them], to your vain & petty Invisible Deity.

Of course we would, Louie, but you know that you dare not diss one of your owners, the NRA.
And no sane person is interested in your Sharia Law.

It would be about like the typical interview with a QAnoner, except with a Texas accent & a few more swear words. It certainly doesn’t reflect well on his district that Louie has been re-elected multiple times, but that’s East Texas for you.

Louie’s favorite [and only] god has numbers printed on it.

Can’t let the libs win, no matter what, so you will never hear the likes of Louie admit to such a thing.


How many mass school shootings were there in the US before we ratified the 2nd Amendment, Louie?

So by your “logic”, there is a clear conclusion to draw


Thoughts and prayers might not have been working, but it sounds like Gohmert would like to try more prayers and no thoughts.


I was born to a Navy family so we moved a lot during my childhood and youth (mid-50s and up). The only time I can recall having to pray in school was in Alabama, circa 1958. All I remember was that we nodded our heads and the teacher recited something without much enthusiasm. We weren’t required to say anything.Not only did those prayers protect people from the evils of gun violence they also protected people from noticing the evils of Jim Crow. Just sayin’.


“Lets pray to God that He fix this problem we created and which we refuse to do anything about.” – Louie Gohmert


I’m about this close to thinking Democrats should introduce a bill to add mandatory prayer in school for a year, just to prove conclusively, once and for all, that Republicans are complete idiots and should never be listened to again.


An lo! Did the Lord Almighty God answer Louie’s humble prayers and inspire high voter turn-out, a rising tide which washed Louie and his craven ilk from office allowing their replacements to enact common-sense gun-control measures without interference.
The Lord did look upon his works and remark “Jesus, do I have to do everything myself.”
Jesus did look mildly abashed, but only mumbled something about how The Lord wasn’t his real dad, but simply another incarnation of himself, while sullenly scuffing his sandals on the floor of Heaven.


they’ll just say we’re not praying hard enough


So, if I’m reading the theological implications correctly, he’s outright saying that god kills children to get back at political leaders who those children both have no control over and who, as a class, aren’t unduly fussed by dead kids at this point?

People who talk about people being made in god’s image don’t usually mean ‘as spitefully ineffectual as they are morally monstrous’; but in this case…


This idjit was a JAG officer who mostly defended people. Could you imagine having to rely on his guidance if you were charged with a crime? shudders

Also a judge and an appeals court judge. :exploding_head:


For sure. Pretty sure that his God is that evangelical Christian stern and unforgiving Old Testament Levitical God, instead of the kind and forgiving New Testament God that many of us more progressive faithful believe in.


My public school home room teacher had us select and read a daily Bible chapter in 9th grade in Albany, GA back in the mid-70s. We vaguely knew it was legally wrong, but most of us were Christians, so we went along with it. We had a couple of Jewish classmates who defiantly stood outside the auditorium while a Christian prayer was being said before most of our assemblies.