Internet preacher: Because SCOTUS gay marriage ruling, Putin will destroy America for Jesus


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So if it’s prophesy, and God is all-powerful… then wasn’t all this inevitable, and a great way to bring about the Rapture people have been going on about?

If you really believe it’s the End Times, then why are you trying to stop it? It makes precisely zero sense.


I’m glad it will all work out.


He’s so excited for the apocalypse he can barely stand still!


Thinking further (than anyone should) on the matter. I feel this is a good sign.

After all, if these times are such that Vladimir Putin, leader of one of the most powerful countries on earth is willing to take time out his day to kill me on behalf of the freakin Son of Gawd no less, this proves that social mobility is on the rise! A dramatic rise too.


Dog bless him!




This image comes to mind…


They tried to stop it first. When they weren’t able to, it became what was prophesied all along.


I have an idea… Don’t post links to youtube morons.

/As his view count goes up


I didn’t even realize Putin was on Jesus’ payroll. Does that mean I’m supposed to root for him or against him? I’m not even sure anymore.



¡¡Dios me libre de los idiotas!!


Oh, it’s this guy. Again.


I love it when they try to get all specific about the words being used when the words being used are usually Modern English or Present Day English transliterations of Latin translations of Koine Greek, Aramaic, and ancient Hebrew.

“If the King James Bible was good enough for Jeebus, it’s good enough for me!”


According to Ezekiel, the sin of Sodom was hating immigrants and the poor.

According to Tapley, gay marriage.

And in general, it usually makes more sense to assume that someone’s talking about events closer to them and their listeners, instead of events far from them or their listeners. And in general, if someone’s preparing to disaster, it usually makes more sense to prepare for worse than they really expect, rather then better, so it could make sense to warn of worse than they really expect too. So in particular, it should make more sense to assume Iesus was talking about events closer to his own time, with some understandable hyperbole.

And why follow Revelation anyway? About the best that can be said for it is that it is early, and that it helps discredit revenge fantasies.

P.S. Now do anti-immigrant groups use dehumanizing slurs because they don’t know better, because they don’t know any other way to make their non-arguments, or because they want to dehumanize undocumented immigrants, refugees, etc.?


And then…then we will rise



And we shall take America to hell in a handbasket trolley


Aside from the fact that his message is completely appalling, I really don’t think I’ve ever seen such a smug, smarmy, annoying person. It’s hard to believe that he could actually watch a video of himself and like what he sees. Especially since he must’ve been beaten up constantly as a kid, if he was anything like he is now.