How the entire internet is reacting to SCOTUS gay marriage ruling (and it's beautiful)

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The entire internet? Or more likely the Anglo-American dominated part … Navel gazing much? I doubt there is much euphoria (or interest) in e.g. Russia or China over this.

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Why so glum, chum?


Maybe not the entire internet, but, as with the Supreme Court justices, it’s the majority that matters.


Actually I hear the folks at Free Republic aren’t happy at all. There’s a rumor going around John Roberts is going to force all the hetero couples to divorce. I swear I didn’t make this up.


Got a link? I could use some light friday afternoon reading.

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Causes of homophobia must be looked into deeply. Most men are disgusted by the thought of sucking a cock. Out of curiosity I tried it a few times and discovered it not to be disgusting but had a lack of eroticism. After the learning experience I never condemned men who found cock sucking enjoyable–it is all a matter of taste. My recommendation is that one of the requirements for receiving a motor vehicle license is that the applicant must suck a cock. I am sure that it would go a long way to end Homophobia.


A modest proposal. I think we’ll pass.

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There is a joke somewhere. It’s on the tip of my tongue…


For years now I’ve heard it argued that same-sex marriage is a threat to heterosexual marriage.

Of course whenever a guy makes that argument I hear what he’s really saying: “If it passes my boyfriend’s gonna pressure me to leave my wife!”


I got extra-double excited for a minute there, cos the pic made me think Allie had come back to be funny on the internet about it, but no. La boo. Can’t have everything I suppose.


The sanctity of divorce is now threatened by gay divorce.


Yes, the part of the internet that actually matters.

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Naysayers keep telling us until they are blue in the face that great, progressive agendas are impossible. Cynical naysayers only see roadblocks while the rest of us see opportunities and obstacles to overcome. Naysayers embrace cynical apathy while we embrace fortitude and persistance.

This is yet another reason why I really don’t respect those kind of naysayers and I really love progressive activists that never, ever give up the goddam fight despite them.

And, speaking of gay rights:


Meanwhile, reaction photos to the decision have been posted all over the internet. I think they’re great.




Oh, the irony. It’s been nasty heterosexuals (along with conservative, homophobic, self-loathing, closeted gays) that have been a threat to same-sex marriage, not the other way around.


I have a strong suspicion that this is being closely followed by something like 6-12% of Russians possibly more but honesty is a hell of a thing to come by when being yourself is a criminal act.


Long term, this could be a win for social conservatives, even if they don’t realize it. When the LGBT community was marginalized, it tended to revolve around a rather liberal lifestyle. The two groups were diametrically opposed.

Getting married, having kids, etc. is exactly the “family values” you hear of so often. And being accepted makes it easier for people adopt the politics and mores of people that once opposed them. If conservatives would STFU and focus on their core values, then a fair chunk of the population that they excluded would join them.

But that “if” is going to be difficult for some people to understand and accept.


But this is conservative core values. Don’t worry, they will continue to demonize (and marginalize) women, working people, brown people, immigrants, end even the gays still for a long, long time.

If they ever put down that dog whistle they are done, they have nothing else to stand on.